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Careers Employability Sports Challenge Update



We've got to the end of week two of the fitness challenge and the action is starting to heat up here in CEC.

-Jocelyn, Andrea and Andy have all been spotted in fitness centre inductions.

-Susanna has upped her weekly activity with Swimming, Yoga and Running - covering all the fitness bases there!

-Sally has taken to cross training with not only running but also fitting in some additional squats whilst brushing her teeth.

-Claire has varied her usual training with an impressive 6km row in 30mins - eat your heart out Redgrave.

-The guys are currently still in the planning stage with Ian, Jo and Darren all planning a late surge before the they falling too far behind. Will this be a tortoise and hare moment?

A plan is currently forming for a departmental spinning event for the very near future.

Let’s hope the weekend sees us all back on Monday with new activities and ready for the challenge of week 3.

Careers and Employability Centre - Cycling for Rockinghorse



These lovely people have covered 19 miles so far! (Top to bottom: Tim, Susanna, Simon, Kate, Jos and Andy)

Rockinghorse - Cycling Update



It appears our bike has stopped telling us the distance we've traveled.  I'm guessing around 100 miles though....

Here's Andy taking his job seriously and Claire P doing the graveyard shift: