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Revelation and reflection



Throughout the whole of CtGF our team goal was to complete a mileage aim of 684 mile, which was equidistant to the distance from Brighton to Venice (as the crow flies). I am extremely pleased and proud to say that we smashed that goal.

I’m actually currently on a gondola floating along the Grand Canal sipping a Bellini, cliché I know, buy hey our team have covered over 800 miles this month so give us a break (and a free massage too if you like ). I am still totting up the totals but we have really exceeded our goal, which we thought was fairly ambitious in the first place. In the next few days each of us will be reflecting on what we have achieved individually and things we have gained from the challenge, so keep checking this space if you want to find out...

View from a gondola in the Grand Canal, Venice Italy, facing the Rialto Bridge - Arjola Mishgjoni

The challenge that is left with us is to keep the momentum and legacy of CtGF going and integrate it into our lifestyle, which as everyone here knows is easier said than done. Luckily we have a few group sessions planned, tennis on Friday and a yoga session in the next few weeks. Additionally we have weekly Life Sciences walks being lead by Martyn Stenning at the moment and John Spencer a Chemistry member of faculty from our team has promised to organize a smoothie bar at one of our monthly coffee mornings, so hopefully we can do all of that and carry on from there.

From my personal perspective the hard part comes during those long winter months when you would much rather be tucked up with in a duvet with a hot water bottle, bowl of stew and Ryan Gosling film marathon. With this in mind might I suggest the sports centre run a ‘half hibernation’ challenge to try to help and encourage us to crawl out of our holes and jump around during those gloomy days.

Though none of this reflection, thought and contemplation would even be possible without saying a mighty thanks to all of the staff at the sports centre. For me the experience I have with sports, exercise and fitness would be a lesser one without their help, dedication and encouragement. I can honestly say I never thought people in a real gym would know my name but I have got to know a lot of the staff who work there and the passion and interest they invest in their jobs is clear to see. I always feel like the people there have time for you and really help and encourage you in your goals while creating a comfortable, relaxing environment. So congratulations to them and everyone on Commit to Get Fit 2013.