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The blog of a man who has just completed his 2nd marathon of 2011



So, only 50 to go. I successfully completed the second marathon of the year yesterday.

There's not yet a lot to talk about. I think things will get interesting in the weeks and months to come. Essentially, this is a marathon of marathons and at the minute, I'm at the start bit with the excitement and comfort and energy. Later will come the slog of the mid-miles where monotony kicks in, followed by the mental and physical agony of hitting the wall and then the success of finishing.

Strangely, I didn't hit the wall yesterday. It was some sort of paradoxical run where I was very mentally taxed but physically I felt generally fine. As I've said before, I love the idea that running causes a great deal of pain and I can stop that pain at any time but choose not to. It's being in charge of how hard I push myself and my mental toughness to not take the easier option.

Anyway... Enough of the cerebral stuff and down to the basics.

Yesterday's was my first ever marathon on a treadmill. Before this, I hadn't ever run further than 10k on a treadmill. Mainly because it's dull. I mean, it's mind numbing! Essentially it was me staying in one place with my legs going round, looking at myself in a mirror (pretty as I am, i can still get bored of myself) and watching numbers go (slowly) round and round.

I have to say, the people at Riptide Gym are incredibly helpful and supportive. They've sponsored me where the University gym wouldn't, allowed me to use all of their equipment and give me advice and support - all for free.

So up I got at 7.30am to go to the gym. On the treadmill ready to go at 9.15. ON A SATURDAY! There were a couple of small issues... Firstly, treadmill's aren't designed or programmed to run for 26.2 miles at a time (surprised?!?!), so logic had to be used. As far as I could work out, you could only time it in for 60minutes at a time, so this was going to be what I did. Under the agreement (with myself!) that as soon as it finished, I would start again! This is what I did. I have some videos that will be uploaded when Wid adds the module that allows it to the website.

So the first 60 minutes was steady if not a little tiring as the muscle aches from last week came back quite soon. I did 11.95km. That then finished and I started doing the next hour's stint. As I came to the end of that hour, I pressed a button and it allowed me to continue. So I did - up to 90 minutes as there were only enough spaces on the screen to go up to 99 minutes and I didnt want to start working at fractions of hours. Anyway... after 2 and a half hours I run at an average of nearly 12km/h and completed 11.95km in hour 1 and 17.92km in the second hour and a half. 2.5 hours - 29.87km done and 'only' 12.33km to go.

I ended up doing that final 12.33km in 67minutes 20 seconds. So a total for the full 42.2km was 3hours 37minutes and 20 seconds. Add in a bit of time for those changeovers (I wouldn't want anyone to think i was trying to steal a few seconds!) and I reckon it was still under 3 hours 40. Which was essentially the second fastest marathon I have ever run!

You know what could have been easier, of course? Instead of adding up all the distance and that sort of thing, I could just programme it to do four equal runs of 10.5km!!! What a numpty. But then did the constant maths in my head take my mind off the running? Probably not, but I'm in an uncertain mind as to whether I should change it or not.

That's it for now. Next week, look out for my chat about putting too much salt in my water, the great audition for a new TV show with some of the Passingiton guys and how I secretly hope my wee is dead orange when I finally finish running!

Remember, I wouldn't be doing this if a) I were not mad, b) I was not running for two really important charities and c) I didn't secretly want an MBE in the future for my endeavours in my life. Please follow me on twitter - @52marathonman or 'like me on Facebook

Remember too, there is lots more information available on my website 

For now - thanks for reading!

Hola – The Giant Paper Clip Challenge…introducing Team…..





Well according to the rules of the paper clip challenge I am not allowed to call myself Team MB….instead the team have to stick with the name Team Pink. Team Pink consists of Luke, Cathy, Mark, Ria and Naomi. Have I forgotten anyone?

As of yet we have not had a team meeting or any real discussion besides a team name…which were a waste of time as we are not allowed to change the name!*

The task if you have not read any other blogs…and after reading this one you will stick with team Pink throughout this challenge….is to swap a giant paper clip for a item and then keep swapping this item for a higher value item. At the end of the 3 months…. it started with a lavish ceremony last Friday which you may have seen on the BBC….we then have to sell the item we have in our possession. All the money made will go towards the charity Right To Play – see

Team Pink will keep you updated with our trades as we go….so is there anyone out there that has an item they wish to swap for a giant paper clip get in touch?

*After a brief chat with the task master the team names are based around the colour of the giant paper clip. So the giant paper clip we are looking to swap is the colour pink if anyone has an item going?

Green team Giant Paperclip Challenge



Ok, so the green team may have had a very very slow (or non-existent ) start for this challenge, however we have now exchanged our paperclip!! Laughing

We are now in the position to trade 4 signed JLS posters and 1  signed Olly Murs poster to anyone with something bigger and better... message me if you have any offers!!




It was wonderful to be invited to become an honorary member of the Life Sci Commit to Fit team and I hope I can do them proud as we make our healthy way to 'Venice' over the course of the month.

I have been a member of the sports centre for about a year now and have been drawn to the more unusual activities available; from hula hooping to fencing (although I haven't done those two together...yet).

For the Commit to Fit month one of my challenges is to try some of the classes I have been too scared to do, namely spinning.

Spin classes scare me because even my friend who is a personal trainer says it's tough and whenever I go on I bike ride I end up pushing it most of the way. But it is time for me to stop being a wimp. 

My first spin class is booked for next Friday and I am already nervous.

Winning at Spinning



I, Laura Tovey, can proudly say that I have completed AND survived my first spin class!

When I saw a meeting had been booked for Friday for the same time as the spin class I took it as a sign that I just wasn’t meant to go and breathed a sigh of relief.

But I’m supposed to be less of a wimp, and in the spirit of CTGF, rather than just cancel I booked onto the Wednesday class instead.

When I arrived today and saw Ria at the front of the class I knew one thing for sure. I was going to sweat.

I’m not going to lie. It was tough. After the first 10 minutes I was ready to get off and push but I am learning that this is when I need to focus on something other than my aching body and push even harder. So with eyes focused on the rpm and brain focused on the smug face I could pull when I could one day ride my bike to the top of Preston Drove,  I made it through the 45 minute class.

I left  feeling proud, surprised that I wasn’t actually that terrible, bit wobbly and sweatier than I have ever been before. For once the cold showers in the changing room were very welcome!

So with 7 .9 miles racked up towards the team target and a HUGE  plate  of food in front of me, I have just booked myself onto my next spin class.

DARO - Rockinghorse cycle challenge



Glamour and Look magazines with the radio are accompanying our departmental cycle challenge for the Rockinghorse charity.  Apparently Sussex Life wasn't inspirational enough and didn't come with a free nail varnish.  Those that have completed their part are sporting a lovely rosy glow on their cheeks...

Commit to get far



So after the success of 'Commit to get Fit', an initiative run by the Sports Centre to encourage more staff into using the Sports Centre they are now running a 10 day challenge for January starting yesterday called 'Commit to get Far'. The basis of the this challenge as the title suggests is a group challenge to try to get from Brighton to Edinburgh, 698 miles. Now obviously this is a massive distance with the emphasis being on getting as far as you can, all activities can be converted into a mileage which adds to the total, so even that relaxing hour of yoga will get you a couple of miles.

What is really great is that the Sports Centre have responded to feedback from people who have requested wanting a challenge for the bleak, dark months when all you want to do is hibernate inside eating stodgy food and watching DVD box sets. Motivation for me is always a hard thing but from today I'm going to try to do something active for everyday of the challenge whether this be a class, swimming or even a short bike ride. My individual mileage is not a major concern of mine, but getting into good habits and starting the year in an active way.