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Soo Close!



I can't believe it's only 2 days until I move into my accomodation and freshers week begins... This last week seems like its taking forever to go, I want it to hurry up already!

It took me a whole extra year than I wanted it to to get here so I'm hoping it's going to be as amazing as I think it's going to be, not just the parties and social stuff but learning more about a subject i'm passionate about! I always get the same look of O_o when I tell people that I'm going to study Chemistry at university, I can't wait to be around other Chemistry geeks like me!

Anyways, I hope I haven't bored anyone with my very first blog post! (and I mean ever!)

See all you lovely people there!


Safe azide or oxymoron?



The Huisgen cycloaddition or ‘click chemistry’ could certainly take part of the blame for the resurgence of one of the bad boys of organic chemistry: azide. Coming from a large – Risk averse – pharma, I have always tried to avoid such fragments, possibly due to the implications and paperwork if (or more likely when) it goes wrong. So when an article with ‘Azide’, ‘Facile’ and ‘Safe’ is published it’s certainly worth reading.

The article from Wang’s group is looking at the diazotransfer reaction converting a primary amine to the corresponding azide.

The pre-Goddard-Borger and Stick era was using triflate azides as diazotransfer reagents which proved to be prone to explosion (Figure 1).....

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