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Cotton Tree @ East Slope



I don't know whether many of you knew this - but there was one place on campus where you could get good, home-cooked and healthy food for £5 or under.

Well, what I am referring to is 'The Cotton Tree' and it's owner: Mia. Back in October 2008, our lovely USSU President Laura Tazzioli reported on the food Mia was serving up at the East Slope Bar.

Take a look at what she wrote:

East slope bar has been serving the most amazing food ever recently, and it is brought to our hungry mouths by ‘Cotton Tree’.

Mia, from Cotton Tree, has ran the company with help from friends and family for about two and a half years and her unique selling point is that it has always been ‘home-cooked’ food. The types of cuisine are very much international, but in the first instance centred around the ‘Creole’ cuisine and had variations of origin:

West African Creole, British/Portugese/Brazilian Creole, Peri-Peri

At the moment, Mia serves food from lunchtime until it runs out and then heads home. In approximately 2 - 3 weeks, Mia and her team will have their own kitchen setup inside the East Slope bar, (rather than cooking off-site and bringing it in) and will be serving food until late at the bar every day.

If you haven’t witnessed it, go and try it! Its well yummy.

So, have a guess who is back?!!

Yes, the Cotton Tree is back up at the EAST SLOPE BAR permanently in the kitchen and opens Monday-Friday: 12-6pm and Sunday 12-3pm.

Now, I suggest you get yourself up there for some good old-fashioned home cooking and forget all those sandwiches, crisps and chocolate.

You will not regret the taste on your tongue of Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya, with a chilli sauce to die for. Portions are serious and will keep you saisfied for a long long time..

Welcome back Cotton Tree ;-0