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The last two weeks, I've been staying in Kyoto, Japan. And although the 2012 medicine/physiology nobel prize went to Kyoto University professor Shinya Yamanaka, this was obviously not a study trip for me. Instead, what got me to the Land of the Rising Sun started some ten years ago, when the Gewandhauschor Osaka partnered with the Camerata Vocale Berlin – a musical collaboration among amateur choirs on opposite sides of the planet. It started one-and-a-half years ago, when I joined the Camerata Vocale to reinforce their sparse tenor section. And it started a few weeks before Christmas last year, when the president and conductor of the choir convinced me to sign up for the Japan leg of the third series of the two choirs' joint concerts. And thus, on 1 October, I departed for the Far East, travelling outside of Europe for the first time in my life – a Swiss tenor of a German choir, leaving Britain (via Paris-CDG, France) to perform in Japan.

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Acquired taste



I was at the Brighton Dome last night, listening to the London Philharmonic Orchestra – conductor: Osmo Jänksä, violin solo: Christian Tetzlaff – performing works by Nielsen, Dvoƙák and Rachmaninov. Under the NOISE scheme, student tickets went for just £4, which, for a high-brow concert like this, is as good as free. Sussex students interested in similar offers should definitely sign up to the appropriate newsletter; the LPO will be back in town in February and March with three juicy-looking concerts.

Being a lover of more traditional classical music, I expected mixed feelings.

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Two weeks have passed. Things have happened.



Sometimes, writing is really hard. I haven't posted an entry here last week, even though I'd meant to – and still mean to – write something worthwhile every week. I felt somewhat excused last weekend, because Saturday was strange and stupid and Sunday was good weather and there wasn't any time for writing in between those two. This week, I have no excuse – I might even say, again, since last week's excuse is not really tenable – but somehow, the words don't seem to flow as they should. There's certainly no shortage of good things to report, however. In fact, there are quite a few new and exciting things going on!

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