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Confessions of a wannabe QC part 5



Can anyone get the light switches in Freeman to work? It seems to me they only display the light all the while you're pressing down on the button and this results in me, sitting in darkened rooms, looking like something from a horror show, or someone about to top themselves. Seriously, legitimate question, if anyone has mastered this, I could use a hand! This week saw the second official deadline of the GDL and, by some fresh level of hell I am on the cusp of the first exam. Seriously, where is time going? It's always difficult with a multiple choice-r as, you don't want to underestimate the enemy, bring no ammuntion (in the form of revision) and get your arse well and truly kicked by something everyone deemed as "so simple." Yet, with a schedule as tight as mine, I have no desire to waste copius hours on something that turns out to be, precisely that simple. Decisions, decisions...

   Deadlines for scholarships and a Bar school viewing are also on the horizon which is frankly terrifying. At the moment my answer to 'the quality that make me a good candidate for the bar...' is resillience. If a cockroach can live for something like 9 days without a head, I reckon a bar student can do the same. Living off of stolen sleep and far too many microwave meals in the GDL room proves this fact, I have now been without a functioning brain for approximately 7 weeks. Nevertheless, I don't think the cockroach analogy is really what the Inner Temple was going for so, I will have to reconsider that one.

   The other worry is the speedy approach of Christmas. Now, I always knew Christmas in the conventional sense was well and truly cancelled this year due to exams and dissertation and the like, however, it is now more cancelled than ever given the fact that I've been given an (albeit awesome) work experience, which means a London commute everyday in the only slightly more relaxed week I had. If I survive to the new year, I will have done well, and I will book a holiday, somewhere far away and sunny. Until then, I have a Public seminar to prep...


PS: Is this blog starting to sound like Bridget Jones' diary? Only without the men or the cigarette counter?

Christmas at university



So because uni finishes early for Christmas it's always a bit strange to be celebrating the festive period by the end of November. Christmas at university involves buying cheap dodgy decorations and attempting to cook a full Christmas roast dinner with your flatmates that never quite live up to the sort of meals you eat at home with your family.

This year me and my flatmates planned a Secret Santa present swap that wasn't as secretive as we first planned- we caved and told each other who we were buying for minutes after drawing names out of a hat. This resulted in a three course meal at a lovely little pub and a selection of Disney themed presents for me. 

We went out in force last night in full Christmas themed fancy-dress for our friend's 21st birthday. This ended in drinking not so nice "Snow Balls", Frozen karaoke and drinking games loosely related to Christmas.

We also have the annual Winter Law Ball next week which cued mad prom dress shopping, scrimping for a ticket and learning to walk in heels I haven't worn since coming to university.

We made it to the semi-finals of the Client Interviewing competition and we helped out at the Criminal Advocacy competition which were both really good for law students as it develops the skills that you'll be using as a trained lawyer.