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SRS Week 1



There are ten of us in the SRS Commit to Get Fit Team and we vary in fitness levels and previous sporting experience but everyone is motivated to get fit this month.

Already this week members of the team have been trampolining, running, walking, riding, playing football, badminton and undergoing some intense lunch-time circuit training (photos to follow).

In this first team blog each member of the SRS CTGF Team explains a little about themselves and what CTGF means to them…

Our keenest team member Jonathon (he came in on his day off to do circuit training!) kicks us off with what would make an amazing online dating profile… “I’m six foot and have huge thighs. I enjoy cycling (on my bike called Whitney), running and I have recently started to go to the gym. I’m in love with bread – this is my biggest downfall. I was even given a bread-cake for my birthday. I wish to keep doing exercise and give up bread.”

Next up is Katie who makes great use of the word ‘squidge’…. “I am not unfit, but I know I am less fit than I was this time last year and I’d like to get back on track.  I am also squidgier than I was this time last year so I’d like to shed some squidge.  Most of my exercise consists of long lonesome runs and solo gym workouts so I’d like to try something more sociable.  I will be abstaining from cereal bars – I eat way too many! Looking forward to it and up for playing WP at rounders!”

Nathan managed to put down a croissant long enough to give us this… “I’ll be giving up sugary snacks for May, I made the most of my last almond croissant on Tuesday. I’m hoping to lose a few pounds of my belly and gain more core and upper body strength. I’ll continue to cycle into work each day and maintain my three squash games and circuits class each week. I’ll also try to do mountain biking and table tennis and maybe an extra circuits class here and there. I’m hoping Kev will give me some diet tips and exercises to try out. Looking forward to being slightly less flabby and a little bit hench by June.”

Margaret’s focusing on a healthy diet and giving up some of her many vices… “I am giving up cuppa soups for lunch and having salads and cutting down on my coffee intake at the moment – watch this space for any further things I have given up.  I want to lose at least a stone so hoping this commit to get fit will help me on my way to achieving this.”

Andy, like a sponge, is ready to soak up new experiences… “I’ve set myself a  couple of exercise goals and a couple of food goals for the month. Exercise wise I want to try a few more new sports, starting with the trampoline this week!  On top of that my food goals for the next month will be to try to drink more water and to stop eating the very tasty flapjacks on sale at the Student Union shop.”

Isobel may be the newest member of the SRS team but she’s already making her mark in CTGF… “I’m really looking forward to taking part in CTGF because it’s a great motivation to get fit for summer, to try new things I wouldn’t usually have considered, and to socialise with colleagues. I love the fact there is a team element to it as it’s fair to say I’m driven by two things in life….1). competition 2). The excuse to eat carbs. I’m not setting any strict goals in terms of measurements and weights, I’d just like to take it as it comes and enjoy the opportunity to try out some new activities and to get back in to a routine of doing regular exercise.”

Adam’s thinking about hitting the beach and publicly embarrassing himself (hopefully not at the same time)…. "I'm looking forward to taking part in the challenge again this year - it'll certainly give me a boost in training for that summer beach body! As a regular member of the gym and fitness  classes, I'm hoping to try some new activities throughout the month... as a team we've already got our sights set on trampolining and handball so I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to publicly embarrass myself again (but there'll be no hula hooping this time!). Oh and I'm giving up cheese, although I think I'm regretting this decision already."

Kevin’s bascially declaring war …. “I’m renaming this month’s activity ‘commit to STAY fit’. I like to think I’m already in reasonable shape. In May, my biggest hope is to try new activities and work with everyone else in our team to beat the proverbial daylights out of our biggest rivals – WP and Marketing! I’ll be embarrassed as sin if I fail this month – I’m a Personal Trainer and it won’t look good on me if my team don’t win!”

Bev was too busy exercising to comment...

And me… Instead of a life of over-indulgence interspersed with sporadic, guilt-induced attempts to get fit… I’m making a change and opting for a healthy balanced diet and a long-term commitment to exercise regularly. I’m not overweight but I’m not as healthy as I could be. I’m not interested in giving up everything I enjoy but I know I need to balance it with regular exercise. My goal for Commit to Get Fit is to use it as a starting point for a healthier and more active life. For the month I’m going to attempt to abstain from sugary snacks, volovants and port.

Next week we’ll be updating on a week that will include mountain biking, handball and who knows what else…

SRS Team: Photographic evidence



As week two kicks off here's some of the SRS Team on how their weekends went and what they're looking forward to this week, plus some photographic evidence that trampolining and circuit training actually happened.

Isobel... "Bank Holiday weekend was mixed. A bingey day out at the cricket with a picnic full of what would usually be forbidden foods, followed by a few pints of cider (do the apples count as 1 of 5 a day?). Saturday and Monday were more restrained however so I'm pleased with that at least. This week we're trying some new activities such as handball and mountain biking which should make a nice change - assuming we make it back in one piece."

Nathan... "Haven’t managed to score any points for new activities or activities that last an hour or more yet but on the plus side I’ve done at least 30 minutes cycling every day, I’ve eaten plenty of fruit and veg I’ve been drinking like a fish and I’ve only had one sugary snack lapse. The downside to the lapse was that it was some rather unsatisfying ginger snaps biscuits. I resisted the urge to buy a tub of chocolate crispy snacks from Marks & Spencer to make the most of my lapse though. I’ve actually exercised less as I was on a training course last week. Going to get back to normal this week with a view to doing some more activities next week."

Margaret... "Weekend was good did lots of walking and did not eat anything I should not have. I was very good even refused hubby’s birthday cake (sticky toffee from thorntons)…Ymmm but not for me. Handball this week plus the walking and hopefully another session of circuits with Kev."

Jonathon (AKA Bread Lover)... "A very fantastic exercise filled four day weekend. Started on Friday – Walking to Hove and back (6 miles), in addition I managed to consume a WHOLE carton of Mango Innocent fruit juice (expensive but YUM) 5-a-day done and dusted by lunch time. That afternoon I came into work ON MY DAY OFF to take part in Kevin’s SRS circuits (SRS team kicked ass in this). Saturday saw a sleep deprived long haired ginger, scurry around 5K for Park Run – recording a new P.B. but still getting beaten by that dog who has such short legs but MAN they can go around quickly! Sunday and Monday both saw hour bike rides: Sundays ride note to self: Make sure when you replace your brake pads you tighten them fully, as Elm Grove is a very scary hill without back brakes. Mondays ride note to self: Make sure that you always have a very big HGV while going up large hills – it makes you peddle fast because of fear of DEATH – but it makes you come 4/189 on Strava (bike mapping app). Each of these activities was followed by PUB and/or BEACH – therefore I’m full of vitamin D/C and Grapes. Bread Lover."

Me... "I went to the gym on Friday. Saturday was pretty much a write-off though. Sunday and Monday weren't so bad, but still not great. I'm going to get back on with exercising this week but I don't feel too bad about having a lazy weekend. If I just went and got fit in the first week I'd having nothing to do for the rest of the month so it's good to draw it out a bit."

As promised in last week's blog below are some photos of the team undergoing various forms of excerise for CTGF and a photo of Jonathon with some bread.


 Isobel loving the Levitation for beginners class.


Katie levitating al fresco style.


 Siobhan having a little sit down during Kev's circuit training.


 Isobel sunbathing.


Andy breakdancing.


Jonathon with some bread.

SRS Team: Everybody was Kung Fu fighting



We're halfway through week three and already it's been a great week with Jonathon and Isobel trying Kung Fu, Margaret going to Zumba and POWERHOOP classes, and Nathan, Adam, Kev, Jonathon and Isobel working out at circuit training. 


With Yin Yoga and spinning still to come it's all good in SRS. Personally I've been a bit lazy been carrying an injury since playing handball last week. Handball was great fun though, and there's been talk of playing another game already. I'm making my big comeback tonight at the gym and I'll try to end the week on a high with spinning on Friday with the rest of the team.


Enjoy the photos, and I'll leave you with a moving story of dedication and willpower from Margaret ...

"I was really feeling like chocolate the other night to the point that I took a chocolate brunch bar out of the box picked up my cup of coffee and as I walked from my kitchen kept saying what about the CTGF to myself so before I got to my lounge I turned around and put the bar back into its box. That was harder than circuits with Kev and that’s saying something because I was hurting after circuits – the only good thing from putting the chocolate bar back was there was no pain afterwards…(well only for a little while!)."