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Hola – The Giant Paper Clip Challenge…introducing Team…..





Well according to the rules of the paper clip challenge I am not allowed to call myself Team MB….instead the team have to stick with the name Team Pink. Team Pink consists of Luke, Cathy, Mark, Ria and Naomi. Have I forgotten anyone?

As of yet we have not had a team meeting or any real discussion besides a team name…which were a waste of time as we are not allowed to change the name!*

The task if you have not read any other blogs…and after reading this one you will stick with team Pink throughout this challenge….is to swap a giant paper clip for a item and then keep swapping this item for a higher value item. At the end of the 3 months…. it started with a lavish ceremony last Friday which you may have seen on the BBC….we then have to sell the item we have in our possession. All the money made will go towards the charity Right To Play – see

Team Pink will keep you updated with our trades as we go….so is there anyone out there that has an item they wish to swap for a giant paper clip get in touch?

*After a brief chat with the task master the team names are based around the colour of the giant paper clip. So the giant paper clip we are looking to swap is the colour pink if anyone has an item going?