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8 things i've learned from 8 days in england



1. There are no insects in England. It's true; you won't find a screen on English windows, because after the Churffey-Rawlins Act of 1709, insects were formally abolished from the country in perpetuity. Many have tried to get past the vigorous English immigration laws, but they are inevitably discovered and deported to their country of origin.

All right, that's not true. The reason English windows don't have screens is because they are all protected by an invisible force field that keeps bugs out.


2. Buses can, in fact, run often enough to be useful. It's amazing what you can go and do when you have buses that run outside of bankers' hours-- and buses that actually go a variety of places! You would think that America, land of innovation, would have discovered this concept by now.


3. There are few things creepier than walking around the Brighton Pier and feeling that at any moment, you may find yourself in a re-enactment of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. If seagulls ever evolve opposable thumbs, this city is fucked.


4. If you cook well, you will eat like a king here. For someone who hails from the land of McDonald's and high-fructose corn syrup, finding supermarkets full of real, inexpensive food is like reaching some kind of gastronomical nirvana.


5. The restaurants, however, leave something to be desired. There seems to be some kind of insidious disease that infects restauranteurs in the UK-- even the foreign ones-- and works its way into their food to suck out all the flavour.  Perhaps someday scientists will discover the organism responsible, and then the good people of England will once again enjoy a meal out that tastes of something besides flour and vague vegetable matter.

On a related note, don't ever buy a sandwich from a newsagent's. Just don't.


6. No matter what you wear, it is wrong for the weather. In the shade, you will shiver. In the sun, you will sweat. If you bring a jacket, you will not need it. If you do not, the temperature will plummet just after you leave the house, and you will develop hypothermia. I recommend keeping clothes stashed in secret places all over the city so that no matter what, you will be dressed appropriately.


7. Some things are universal. Whether it's the untrustworthiness of lawyers and landlords or the tendency of young people to dress like fools, every culture has something in common. The English like to deride Americans for being fat, lazy, and loud, and Americans like to deride the English for being pasty, ugly, and ineffectual. What neither culture seems to realise is just how many unfortunate things they have in common.


8. No, seriously, it really doesn't rain that much. Shut up, America.

Run for one and run for all



Hi CTGF-ers!

I'm Cathy and I work on reception for Sussexsport - hopefully I've seen a few of you coming and going for various things. :)  I am also a qualified Leader in Running Fitness and L.O.V.E pretty much everything to do with running (especially the clothes...).

I am a super keeno runner, and I just want to encourage anyone that is even considering starting to run as part of your committing to get fit to just do it.  It'll be hard at first, but once you stick at it it is the cheapest and easiest way of keeping fit.  All you really need to invest in is a decent pair of running shoes and a decent sports bra (ladies, not so much the chaps).  I find it not only really stress busting, but it is easy to start setting goals and targets with running: to really have an aim to doing it.  There's a fantastic free run every Saturday morning called Parkrun, which is 5km and has a great atmosphere. If you've never run in an 'event' before, it's a great place to start. Give it a 'google'.

When you start out running, it is easy to think that you will be the slowest person ever, and that you look ridiculous whilst doing it. Please stop thinking these things!!! You may not be the fastest person out there - in fact, you definitely won't be, but no one is looking, and there will always be someone out there running slower than you!

If any of you are keen to start running, but would rather do it in a group setting for that bit of extra motivation (and fun!) then I am leading a beginners running session from the Sports Centre at 12pm on Wednesdays and would love to see you there.  

Keep up the fantastic work on the blogs and the exercise: they're great to read!