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Wednesday morning coffee and cakes



Researchers down insects for coffee and cakes

With the arrival of two new professors, Prof Dave Goulson and Prof Bill Hughes, specialising in social insects, the number of researchers studying solitary and social insects has grown quite considerable in the last year or so. We are scattered in various locations throughout the School of Life Sciences' John Maynard Smith (JMS) building, and getting to know one another isn't as straight forward as it could be. So, to help remedy this situation we decided to meet every Wednesday morning in the JMS tea room on the 4th floor, to have a civilised session of coffee, tea and cakes.

Halloween cupcakes

At the end of October it was LASI's turn to provide the delicacies to be savoured that morning. Much baking and buying took place as we prepared our offering to bring to the table. There were macaroons, a carrot cake, mini mince pies, chocolate chip cookies, halloween cupcakes and a chocolate cake too.

Tom preparing cakes




plate of halloween cupcakes


carrot cake


Choc chip cookies

As usual it was a good turn-out with around 30 participants. This included some of the Life Sciences' technicians who also sampled the baked goods. It is usually a stimulating and noisy half hour where the debates aren't necessarily focussed on our beloved insects.

Social Insect Coffee morning


Social Insect Coffee morning

The coffee mornings do, however, foster good relationships amongst the members of the various research groups, getting everyone to know what projects are taking place, and perhaps offering some food for thought and new ideas.

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