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Staying in Shape for May at the Careers Centre



This is just a quick message to let the world know what the Careers and Employability Centre has been doing to stay fit this week.

  • I've been trying to run three times a week, I'm a bit behind this week. But I recommend it as exercise.
  • I also go on a trampoline every so often. For some reason a trampoline turned up in my flat at the beginning of the month. I feel I should use it.


  • 3 very hot Pilates classes
  • A stamina session in the pool
  • Body balance – also very hot (air con not working)
  • Planning an 8 mile run early Saturday morning – new trainers, exciting!
  • Resisted chocolate and bread (but not ice cream!)
  • Brought tomato plants in for Jos (kind of fitness related)


  • Doing Yoga
  • Went for a swim

Andrea was walking to work, but has had to stop due to injuring her ankle on a walk in Stanmer Park this lunch time

Jocelyn has been dog walking and playing tennis as usual but she has also

  • Acquired a new table tennis table, and beat her son in a swift three gamer
  • Has been preparing for a 33 mile South Downs cycle ride
  • Cycled to work for the first time in a year

We're planning to do something called "spinning" next week. A colleague put around a video of it. Should be interesting. I fear it will show how out of shape I am.

Team Spin!



It's the last week of May and we were all persuaded to end our month of keep fit activities on a positive note: so we all went to the gym for a Spinning Class.

"Spinning" is done on exercise bikes, and involves changing gears to simulate going up and down hill, sprinting, and lots of standing up. It was exhausting, but a great experience, and it left me riding high on endorphins for the rest of the day.

Personally, this was a pretty interesting experience because I've not been in a gym before. I found it very... loud, and a bit painful. But as someone who usually jogs solo it was brilliant to have other a team of people doing the same thing. It certainly made me push myself more than I would normally. Before I had even gotten my breath back, some of our team members were already making plans to come again, so it was evidently a good experience for us all.

Jos did a great job organising this for us, and it was good to find out more about what other team members do to stay fit.

I think the big take-away for our team is likely to be the food bowl, which proved to be quite popular in the office. And by the sound of it, a few of us are planning to go to the gym as a group in future, which is excellent!

Here's a photo of the team after the Spin Class:

Commit to Fit Careers Centre Round-up



Here's a final summary from the Careers Centre team on what we've been doing recently:

Catherine played in a local tennis tournament and she's gone on to the next round. So good luck to her! She went on a boundary walkand has been out cycling twice. She says that she's been far more energetic when dog walking and is generally feeling much fitter.

Claire has done three pilates sessions, two five mile runs, one swimming session, zumba, and the spinning class.

Jocelyn went spinning, played tennis three times, and cycled off-road from Brighton to Eastbourne.

Sally has been running more, and has been enjoying the fruit bowl in the office.

I've started running further and more uphill, and of course I went spinning on Friday.

As a team we've been considering what we've learnt from this month; Sally very kindly noted that we've all looked "a bit more beautiful as a collective" and Catherine was wondering whether the good weather makes it easier to stay fit. We all really enjoyed our trip to the gym, so thanks very much to Mark the instructer for for a great session.

I'm amazed at how fit some of our staff are. Learning more about what other people do has been good for me, and hopefully this month will make us all more active for the rest of the year.





It was wonderful to be invited to become an honorary member of the Life Sci Commit to Fit team and I hope I can do them proud as we make our healthy way to 'Venice' over the course of the month.

I have been a member of the sports centre for about a year now and have been drawn to the more unusual activities available; from hula hooping to fencing (although I haven't done those two together...yet).

For the Commit to Fit month one of my challenges is to try some of the classes I have been too scared to do, namely spinning.

Spin classes scare me because even my friend who is a personal trainer says it's tough and whenever I go on I bike ride I end up pushing it most of the way. But it is time for me to stop being a wimp. 

My first spin class is booked for next Friday and I am already nervous.

Winning at Spinning



I, Laura Tovey, can proudly say that I have completed AND survived my first spin class!

When I saw a meeting had been booked for Friday for the same time as the spin class I took it as a sign that I just wasn’t meant to go and breathed a sigh of relief.

But I’m supposed to be less of a wimp, and in the spirit of CTGF, rather than just cancel I booked onto the Wednesday class instead.

When I arrived today and saw Ria at the front of the class I knew one thing for sure. I was going to sweat.

I’m not going to lie. It was tough. After the first 10 minutes I was ready to get off and push but I am learning that this is when I need to focus on something other than my aching body and push even harder. So with eyes focused on the rpm and brain focused on the smug face I could pull when I could one day ride my bike to the top of Preston Drove,  I made it through the 45 minute class.

I left  feeling proud, surprised that I wasn’t actually that terrible, bit wobbly and sweatier than I have ever been before. For once the cold showers in the changing room were very welcome!

So with 7 .9 miles racked up towards the team target and a HUGE  plate  of food in front of me, I have just booked myself onto my next spin class.