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Commit to get far



So after the success of 'Commit to get Fit', an initiative run by the Sports Centre to encourage more staff into using the Sports Centre they are now running a 10 day challenge for January starting yesterday called 'Commit to get Far'. The basis of the this challenge as the title suggests is a group challenge to try to get from Brighton to Edinburgh, 698 miles. Now obviously this is a massive distance with the emphasis being on getting as far as you can, all activities can be converted into a mileage which adds to the total, so even that relaxing hour of yoga will get you a couple of miles.

What is really great is that the Sports Centre have responded to feedback from people who have requested wanting a challenge for the bleak, dark months when all you want to do is hibernate inside eating stodgy food and watching DVD box sets. Motivation for me is always a hard thing but from today I'm going to try to do something active for everyday of the challenge whether this be a class, swimming or even a short bike ride. My individual mileage is not a major concern of mine, but getting into good habits and starting the year in an active way.