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To register: Step one. Leave your room.



That's me finished with, then...


But that's an exageration. I've left my room. Not ten minutes ago I went out for a Jog and got scared when someone asked for a ciggerete lighter. That's an improvement, surely?

Why such a drastic change of events from yesterday's? I blame my flatmates.

Blames a bit strong, since it's probably a good thing I met so many people - apparently they're not all bad. Here's the story that led to me interacting with others.

There I was, sitting on my computer, listening to a bit of Moulin Rouge when I get a knock on the door. I jumped a bit, but forced up the courage to walk over an open the door. Out in the hall was, um, about... (You know I don't think I can't count that high without taking off my socks) alot of people. So I sat with them.

I sat with them and talked... and joked... and survived until they left for Unite. It was actually rather fun. I'm starting to enjoy this 'people' thing. Maybe I should go knock on their door - Just thinking about it is making me feel queezy.

But, I have two reasons to leave my room today, 3 if you count the shower i'm in desperate need of. And by the end of the day I will be registered as a proper student. Even if I have to leave my room for over an hour!