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Awesome computer case



If anyone is a computer enthusiast, likes to tinker with the hardware, then this would be a great case for you:

Open cases have been done before, but they've tended to look like square boxes made of Meccano, or something. This new Antec case at least has a little style (though I'm not sure what to think of the disco-lights fan!)

Record levels of printing on campus



Last Monday saw a record level of printing on campus for most sheets printed in a single day.

Whilst some students have been able to shift over to the e-submissions system and online facilities now minimise the need for printing generally, 145,729 sheets of paper were printed on Monday 10 May. This is over three times the average which currently reaches around 45,000 sheets daily. The previous high for the current academic year was recorded last October at 81,899.

Of course, this date coincided with the handing in of dissertations for our undergraduate finalists which prompted the last-minute surge in printing.

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What do 145,729 pages look like?