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Unfit start to get fit



Week one

Hooray, I have achieved my first week of ‘Get fit’ challenges. I am beginning to remember how much I enjoy doing ‘sporty things’ My aim is to do 4 activities a week in a quest to find some new easy ways to do regular exercise.

I started with Trampolining, which was very  was scary but I learnt a few easy exercises that I can use on our garden trampoline. The boundary walk reminded me just how much I enjoy walking and I hope to walk more regularly.

I run (badly)  every Saturday  around our local park and over the years I have learnt that  I am more likely to maintain a  small exercise goal or routine.  I am also much better when I play games as opposed to some gruelling workout.  Games always  allow me to be tired and exhausted without giving in to the pain. So with those rules in mind, an hour of  badminton was a great success even though I had a very tender backside and arm for several days afterwards…. I like to think it was a good pain.

End of week one and I’m already looking forward to next week

Medically unfit it seems



I don't know exactly what is different, but the BSMS team members are finding engaing at all with the CTGF challenge a real struggle this year.  Perhaps it's just that there are fewer of us (that says something in itself), but so far we have not had time to whip up any sort of team spirit.  Each of us is individually trying to eat healthily, drink water, do a bit more walking and we are managing to do the stuff we normally do, but as far as I know we haven't found the time or energy to do anything extra - a real shame when there is so much on offer.  On a positive note, the challenge is only half way through, so we have time for a late surge.  Here's to next week, guys!