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DARO - Commit to Get Fit - Officially Wishfully No.8



Ha hah, what a week, CtGF continues apace in DARO, halfway through and people are looking beyond May to carry on the benefits of more exercise, good food and well-being.  

Luci plays netball a lot and has broken most of her fingers at various times but she has refocussed and made efforts to include gym work to balance her regime.  She's been to the gym three times already this week and is thinking about joining Boot Camp.  She's found that CtGF has provided her with a constant awareness of how to 'feel better' and thinks its great that the whole of DARO is doing it too.  Please do not start her on the juggling challenge, she changes before your eyes and eye contact should be avoided, scary.

Sarah, our poetry reader, has definitely achieved her Omega 3 goal and is eating more fish and nuts.  She has hurt her back a bit but is booked into the Power Hoop class and the Core Training seminar.  Feel better soon Sarah and let us know how you get on in your blog.

Declan, our Brighton Marathon runner - see his blog for a non recommended training regime - is booked onto the Boundary Run and has run the route one and a half times.  He's only been a road runner (beep beep) so off road is a real shock to him.  As a result he will be training, properly, for the run at the end of the month.  He is struggling not to eat sweet things so has gone back home for the weekend to upload carbs before training in earnest, apparently one 'does not say no to Mammie's tatties'.

Clare has bought quinoa and has made no cakes even though it is a daily struggle not to eat sweet things.  Well, she's not eaten sweet things in the office but has admitted to going home and spooning out Nutella straight from the jar.  However, she's thinking that by having more protein at lunch this might help combat the cravings.  Clare has done two runs and highly recommends Karen's yoga class on a Monday.

Mark is the hungry one not eating biccies in the office, who has left a duty free bottle of Jameson unopened over the weekend and has booked onto volleyball.  These are major commitments by Mark to CtGF as they are a large move away from usual habits.  We are very impressed.

Alex has blogged and is very proud of his 5 a'side football team.  They started at the bottom of six leagues and their last game saw them winning 9-1 to leave them at the top of the top.  He has cycled into the office every day and has been to the gym twice.  He's upped his Omega 3 intake by eating oily fish and has made sure his saturated and unsaturated fat consumption is more balanced.  He's also booked onto the volleyball and reckons that the whole of DARO has perked up through CtGF.  Luci has her rabid eyes set on Alex as he's currently the best at juggling.

Sally has, despite having a horrible cold, been cycling more and has done a couple of hours badmintoning.  She has stuck to her own goal of less caffiene, eating more healthily and avoiding snacks.  She helped her son make some chocolate cookies and enjoyed the reward of one cookie after baking.  But, when she had a late night search for another one she'd discovered they'd been too well hidden to find.  Her poor son was only too well aware of her wicked ways and hid them so that there'd be some left to take into school.  

Michael, our juggling guru and volleyball arranger, has refocussed his omega balance with some ground flaxseed and walnuts.  As a vegetarian with an allotment he does eat healthily but has analysed whether he could improve his diet.  He has a very sweet tooth so has eaten more fruit but has been shocked to measure his salt consumption is quite high.  Michael went for a walk on New Timber Hills but ended up running along instead.  He has also walked the 4.5 miles home and the long handled shears for the allotment have left him with a great lat workout, and ache.  He's been waiting for friends to go Bouldering with but has decided to book it anyway.

Aga has done the Power Hoop and Body Pump but didn't bring her kit for kayaking so she's been kicking herself.  She's made her own granola and plans to go swimming this weekend.  She's been keeping one of her goals secret but after the Goal Setting seminar has decided to share her weight loss goal and is already half way to achieving it.  Well done.

Jane, thats me, has enjoyed the community spirit in DARO and of all the CtGF teams, especially via the blogs.  I've also enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of the seminars and am getting clearer in the noggin just as the lungs get clearer from working out.

The non named DARO members missing from above have remotely kept me informed of their activities or we have spied them - Tom playing handball with Admissions.  Have a great weekend everyone.