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Union Computers launches soon :)



I don't do advertising round these parts..... These parts are looked after and monitored by a very nice bunch of people who work very hard every day to ensure that the kind of content on here stays informative and worthwhile :)

So, all I wanted to say was that very soon Union Computers© will be coming to the University of Sussex, University of Brighton & BSMS students.

A computer shop which is "run by students for students" and is here to serve you...............

Our shop at Falmer House is now taking real shape and you can see some of our external advertising:


The shop from the outside corridor

Union Computers 2

Union Computers from the outside

And the Union Computer team painting:

Union Computer Team

So, for more information -visit and keep an eye out for further information on our launch day and details of the exact services and offers that will be available :)

Take care for now and hope your all having a wonderful Academic Term :)

Union Computers launch day!



Union Computers shop

Come and say hello at our launch party this Thursday 25 November at 3pm at Falmer House!

Free food and drinks, come and meet the team, ask advice on anything technology related and see some of our amazing prices - the article tells you more:

Web Team and the Press Office are also invited -so come on over!