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Uni hasn't even started and I am already disappointed. Well, it is just because I didn't even get an interview for a position at the Sussex Student Union. I know I am not the only one who wasn't invited for the next round. As I read 387 other people sent applications. I was checking my e-mail every day ten times.

I know they can't send feedback because there were just way too many people, and as it is on the website they kept some applications which were almost good, but how do you know whether you are among those people? Surely you don't.

I don't know what I write or what I didn't write was not enough for the job. I wanted to work, I am not afraid of hard work, and most importantly I am reliable. Well, I am sure others are like that as well. They say you should not make those mistakes as listed in a document about it. I am not that stupid, still it is a good list. Maybe I didn't write enough about myself, I was too much to the point. I have no idea, I re-read many times what I sent.

I hope I can find something else to work, because I need the money, and I volunteered enough, I gained really a lot of experience, so now it would be nice to get a reward. Smile It doesn't work like that, wish it was.

Honestly at the moment I am not even looking forward to the Induction Day for Mature Students. It starts in less than 10 hours.
Maybe I am too old at 23 to work for the Union? I didn't even think about that. (They said especially 1st year students should apply.)

I know I will enjoy tomorrow a lot, I am interested in the people who'll be there and at least in the beginning everybody is still enthusiastic.
Even the teachers Wink - the hope that this year's new students will make more sense than last year's Smile (I have no idea about neither the teachers, nor the students.) So maybe I should not make fun of everybody before the whole thing starts. I have a weird sense of humour and the English think I am trying to insult them all the time. (Maybe sometimes they are right. Laughing)