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Battle of Ideas- Discount



I'm looking forward to taking part in the Battle of Ideas at the Royal College of Art this weekend.  The organisers sent me the following which I thought might be of interest to some Sussex students.  The event is always lively and an exciting combo of some 'big players' with new and emerging voices.  


I thought that you and your colleagues may be interested in knowing about a special offer oflimited number of HALF PRICE Student Champion tickets this year’s Battle of Ideas festival.  These allow university students full access to the weekend festival for just £27.50. Click hereto purchase discounted tickets.





The Battle of Ideas is taking place at the Royal College of Art, London on October 29-30. During the course of the weekend, over 2,250 people will be participating in 75 different debates involving hundreds of incisive and thought-provoking speakers.






This year’s festival programme includes strands of debate entitled Battle for the World, Battle for Morality, Food Fight, Society Wars, Battle for Our Brains, Reassessing Politics and Sporting Contests.



It also features keynote debates on: The Battle against the FatesProfiting responsibly? Business in the big societyCreativity and curiosity: do we make stuff up or find it out? Has tolerance gone too far? Loyalty in an age of whistle-blowing and WikileaksIs individualism bad for society? as well as many more discussions on current themes in the arts, science, health, parenting, education, design, international relations and religion.






Internationally renowned speakers include: David Aaronovitch, Jonathan Aitken, Decca Aitkenhead, Anne Atkins, Simon Baron-Cohen, Daniel Ben-Ami, Katharine Birbalsingh, Melvin Burgess, Christopher Caldwell, Matthew Collings, John Cooper, Giles Fraser, Frank Furedi, Maurice Glasman, Tom Holland, Mick Hume, Sue Ion, Rebecca Jenkins, Simon Jenkins, Irma Kurtz, Philippe Legrain, Dame Ann Leslie, Kenan Malik, Paul Mason, Joyce McMillan, Tim Montgomerie, Brendan O’Neill, Ruth Padel, Gavin Poynter, K.A.S. Quinn, Lucy Robinson, Jeffrey Rosen, Jenni Russell, William Saletan, Fiona Shaw, John Sutherland, George Szirtes, Ray Tallis, GM Tamás, Mark Vernon, Tom Watt, Zoe Williams, Alison Wolf, Martin Wolf, Cathy Young andover 300 more.



"The Battle of Ideas is a global treasure. Bringing together some of the world's leading thinkers for civil dialogue on an array of topics, the festival is a must-see for those deeply committed to the free exchange of ideas." 
Fredrick C. Harris, professor of political science, Columbia University






Visit to view this year’s festival programme, including satellite events, as well as carefully selected readings for each session and videos of previous years’ sessions.  Tickets are available through online booking, or by phone: 0207 269 9220.