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sussex sweetie



hi everyone i am back again an now i am gonna tell you that on diwali that is on oct 17th we have a diwali celebrations gonna happen in mandella hall at 6pm which costs around 3pounds per head(pretty economic).I hope to see almost everyone in sussex there in mandella hall to have fun. Basically i am gonna play violin(hope i play gd) ya classical carnatic music abt diff moods(rag) or shades in south Indian music. Of course i am not sort of advertising it but still i wish everyone to encourage me (b coz i am pretty new here) and altogether lets have fun with games sort of some performances and yummi indian food vege though but spicy:)(yummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i can t wait !)..

hope we meet there


have a pleasant weekend sussexiansCoolSmile