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Walk now: come together.



Despite having different interests and types of exercise we enjoy one activity that all of our team can unite on is walking, after all we all do it. If you’re not into exercise or just starting out then it’s a great activity to start with as you can push yourself as much or as little if you want plus it’s free and you don’t need any special equipment to enjoy it. It’s probably been the activity in which our team has bonded the most as it’s the one thing that everyone has participated in. From starting the challenge with the boundary walk to nipping our for a lunch time walk to Stanmer we’ve all joined together to add on those extra miles in order to get to Venice.

We’ve got a couple of keen walkers on our team who have really got into the challenge. Gwenda’s mileage has really helped with our goal and equally helped and encouraged her with a larger challenge of her own. Gwenda and her husband Chris have set themselves the challenge of walking the coast of Wales. They are doing this in a very piecemeal fashion and walking different parts then adding them all together.  During this challenge Gwenda  had a long weekend off and was able to cover 40 miles of Welsh coastline which is a really great inspiration and definitely helped us along.

I’m not really much of a walker but a couple of weeks ago we had friends staying and decided to go on a walk with them. We have a book with various different walks in East Sussex in, I suggested a medium length walk of 6 to 7 miles but in the end we ended up going for a 10 mile walk starting off at Wilmington going through Litlington, the Friston Forest and Jevington then back to Wilmington. It was a lovely walk and for me seeing all of the small villages that are so close to me, but slightly out of my reach was the real highlight. I must say though when I got to the Friston Forest I was about at my limit. If you haven’t been it’s absolutely massive and for the majority of time we were walking through I really wasn’t sure we were going the right way, as the signage there isn’t great. But right on cue as we were leaving Jevington we came across a field of donkeys who really lifted my spirts and gave me energy to push on to the end. The next day though my legs and feet were a mess, I was barely able to walk and needed the day to recover fully. But it has not put me off, though next time I will be doing a medium length walk and combining it with a roast stop.

Below I have plotted through a few of the walks we have taken. I used the website Good Run Guide to plot them which is a really useful tool for working out mileage.

wales walk 

stanmer walk

Wilmington walk

Talking of mileage to update you on how we are doing with our mileage we’re still plowing through France but we’re approaching the border of Switzerland where we shall power through on to Venice. The way things are going it looks like we will achieve our target, but you never know what will happen so stay tuned.

walking collage 2