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CTGF day 3 - Life without buttered crumpets



My 3 CTGF challenges are;

1. To cycle to work at least 3 times a week; I've managed this once due to childcare, but have cycled same distance on husbands turbo trainer (I'm married to a mamil), and am going to spinning class tonight and a have along ride planned for the weekend.

2. By the end of May to be able to mange at least 1 press up. Result so far; I have unwrapped the yoga mat I bought and had a pathetic failed attempt - much progess to be made here.

3. To curtail my diet of mainly wheat based products, toast, bread, biscuits, and buttered crumpets. I have started to keep a food diary to keep me on the straight and narrow with this and Day 3, so far so good.

I've been trying some alternatives to bread in porder to maintain my marnite intake with interesting results:

Rice cakes; Really? like eating a mouthful of dry dusty air...

Scanbran; Looks like something I'd put in the cardboard recycling, tastes worse than something I'd put in the recyling, no matter what you smear on it. 

Nutty seedy things; like eating the bottom of a bird cage - pass

So I'm giving Ryvita (other rye based crispbreads are available) a go and holding out hope for Oatcakes (I'm genetically Scottish, so this shoud be a dream come true when the Tesco man arrives later tonight), and hopefully I'll stop dreaming of buttered crumpets.........