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SyD for SOCCUL project



The Fund for the Enhancement of learning and Teaching (FELT) awarded £42,000 to a project, SyD for SOCCUL which seeks to improve the provision of e-learning across the school. Also involved is the History department in a move to roll out a similar project across the humanities.

Lecturers from each department in the school and history are representing the project and implementing department-specific activities. These include developing quizzes for economics students, using blogging in Splash for masters students in history, involving students in developing enhanced podcasting and video-casting in sociology, and tailor-made training and development for all staff across departments.

If you would like to know more about rhe project and gain any useful tips coming out of what is a real learning process for all of us involved, please visit the project's Stud Direct Page:

We would welcome your comments and participation.

Alana lentin (Sociology)