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Proof-reading/editing service available for competitive rates!



Hello Sussex alumni,

I am a DPhil candidate, researching International Relations and I want to offer you the chance to have your work proof-read/edited by me.

Please contact me if you are having any difficulties with spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraphing or vacabulary.  I can thoroughly go through your work and offer comprehensive suggestions to improve it.

My areas of expertise are International Relations, International Relations theory, geopolitics and critical geopolitics but I am willing to have a look at written work from all disciplines as my language skills are excellent.

I am not a trained proof reader or editor, just someone who loves language, has been writing academically, in a self-employed capacity and for fun for many years now.  As such, I charge less than professional proof-readers/editors.  My fee is £3 per page or £1.50 if double spaced.

For this I will address issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraphing and vocabulary to make your work more professional!

Drop me a line if you are interested at