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Sussex at last!



Phew! It's been a long time coming and it's just a surreal feeling that I'm finally heading to university! I'm going to be studying economics; seems I'll get a lot of work set on my plate when I finally graduate! I'm looking to maybe meet a few people before school starts as well to maybe ease the overwhelming amount of new people and places I'm going to be seeing in these few weeks. Give me a message if you want a chat! Oh, and just in case you have any extra room spaces you need filling, I'm more than capable :-P


Hope to get to know you all soon!



The Challenge



Hey everyone,

This Sunday is perhaps going to be a challenge to rival the rest of my life's experiences. Every year the North of England holds a charity run called (Wait for it.....) the Great North Run. I'm taking part in this half-marathon, but with a twist; I'm going to be pushing my step-brother Thomas Pugh in his wheelchair! He was born with a degree of cerebral palsy of which left him confined to a wheelchair his entire life. So! This Sunday, we thought we'd set ourselves a challenge and run the entire Great North Run together! Us, along with his two colleagues and carers, are going to be running in pirate suits (gotta love national speak like a pirate day!). 

What I challenge you to donate to our charity KidsCan, and help to support us while we absolutely push ourselves to the limit on Sunday! Afterward, if you would like to see pictures or perhaps videos from the event, let me know and I'll put them up on my facebook for you.


If you would like to donate to me for the event, follow the upper link. If you want to support my brother, Thomas, then please click the lower link. Thank you for reading.