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Getting back on the bike.



Before the CtGF challenge started I was feeling quite smug to be perfectly honest. I had taken part last year and felt really good as a result and in the past year have incorporated exercise and fitness much more into my lifestyle. I had even already though of the team mileage goal and was savouring the fact that I would easily clock up the miles just by doing my morning cycle to work. Then three weeks ago I fell off my bike. I was cycling along and suddenly the bolt holding my saddle to the post sheared off throwing me off the bike and into the road (path side luckily) due to the fact that I wasn't cycling too fast and the road wasn’t busy I escaped with a grazed knee, bruised ankle and general body strain. So I picked up my bike after being helped by a lovely cyclist and went home to drop my bike off, recover and go to work. As soon as the door slammed shut the shock of what happened took its hold and I broke down. After getting it all out and feeling a bit better I made my way to work still feeling shaky, but determined to get on with things.

The long and short of it is that what happened really knocked my confidence and made me feel vulnerable, which is essentially what you are when you ride a bike there is no metal armour to protect you and you are exposed to all of the elements around you. I should have got straight back on the bike, but for whatever reasons and excuses I didn’t. Since then it’s become a problem. Every morning I have got up with the intention to cycle but have always found a reason not to whether it be I was running late, had a bus ticket or it was raining…. In reality I’m scared and I feel it is bringing me down generally, maybe it’s a lull but I want to get out of it, feel more in control and better about myself.

Fast forward…

I cycled to work this morning and I’m pleased. I’m not writing this to get applauded in anyway, infact it’s more as a form of catharsis. I don’t know if the CtGF challenge hadn’t been running this month I would have still got on the bike, I probably would have but it has definitely provided encouragement and given me the push I needed. For the next few weeks I know each morning I will be extra apprehensive and hyperaware, but I’m just going to try and get on with it.