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Team MPS CTGF Week 5: Excelsior!





We done it, woot! What an excellent month it has been. This is how we've been winning in week 5:

Chrystelle: Bank Holiday Monday, 9.30 am at the local gym.  Did 1.10 hrs of exercise followed by bike ride in the afternoon, from Saltdean to the Marina.  Excellent day exercise wise.  Gym again on Wednesday.  Will go again on Saturday morning and try an aquarobic class.  I've really enjoyed taking part in the Commit to get Fit initiative and indeed, I feel fitter now than I've even been.  I've been able to plan my exercise regime around work/family life and coudn't be without it now.  I've got the exercise bug!!  It's been really enjoyable to join some of the classes at the Sport centre with work colleagues and also make new friends.  Overall, an excellent experience for me.

Dorothy: One early morning swim this week - had hoped for more but Morpheus had other ideas for me. Bank holiday, walked through bluebell woods and managed to find a splendid swing in the woods so was on there for a while. One lunchtime walk - today's is looking a little dodgy but we'll see what happens.

Justine: Cycled to work (even in the rain), attended office team zumba class at uni gym Tues lunchtime (great fun!). Long walk planned on Wed, Spinning and bodypump class at local gym Thurs and Sat, plus cycling along the seafront at the weekend. 

Richard: Mon: (Bank Holiday).  Eight mile walk with friends over the Surrey Hills; the "three peaks" of Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill and Pitch Hill. Via Friday Street, Holmbury St Mary and Peaslake.  Superb views south over the Weald to the distant South Downs.  Tuesday: washed out!  Wednesday: boundary walk 1 for the week.  Thursday: walk 2 done - very muddy after the rain!

Sally: Moved house in last week so I was unable to do any of the sessions in week 4, however in week 5 I went for a walk with my walking group (Wednesday, 29 May) out near Chartwel.  The walk was about 9 miles, very hilly, muddy and it was wet.  It was a good day.

Debbie: Went to Zumba on Tuesday.  Took the grandchildren to Knockhatch on Wednesday.  Lovely day seeing the animals, going on a rowing boat and playing lasers - despite the weather.  Plenty of walking and charging about.  Other than that have done 3-5 mile walks everyday. At long last I have found out what is wrong with my back - actually it is the pelvis. All in all, over the month I lost 5lbs!

Gemma: Well, all things considered I think I've done myself reet proud the last month. I’ve tried hard to get to as many classes as possible, use the gym as often as I could and just really take hold of this opportunity to get a kick-start towards a healthy lifestyle  - which I desperately needed. I shall elucidate further :D  

I quit smoking eight months ago and I think this shifted my focus more towards food. I piled on at least half a stone in no time and it was demoralising to see the weight increasing each time I weighed myself, as I’ve always been pretty slim and not had to work too hard at staying so. 

I eat a vegan diet and that’s pretty healthy, with lots of veggies, whole-grains, nuts and tofu. However, despite the healthy diet, the portion sizes I like to serve myself scupper my efforts to lose the flab. I also like a drink or three and until a few months ago was in the habit of heading to the bar at lunchtime and/or having a few beers after work and also drinking more heavily at the weekend. (I know.) 

My motivation to move around is usually very low (see 'sack of potatoes' syndrome in previous post). I sleep a lot more than I should and still feel quite tired. For me, nothing beats an evening of true crime shows and food. In bed. 

Classic binge example of the week: I started out the week feeling quite poorly, so missed my usual Tuesday classes and by Wednesday evening I had ruined my hard work in Zumba and the gym by ordering vegetarian crispy fried duck pancakes and hoisin sauce. For two. Weeell, I had to order enough to get it delivered and I was aiming to save one portion for the next day. Very unrealistic as it turns out. Curses! Chinese takeaway, my one true foe. 

Having said all that, I have been using small plates and bowls in the last couple of months in an effort to fool myself into eating less. Also, I haven’t eaten any chocolate or crisps over this month, I quit coffee and tea and stopped having sugar in my hot drinks. So, I’m trying! (Though I must confess to celebrating the end of CTGF by eating half a bar of MooFree chocolate just now…) 

All in all, I lost just over 3 pounds, which was not the 5-10 that I was hoping for but at least it’s a sustainable amount, accompanied by a change in lifestyle, which should mean that it stays off. I have just arranged a 3 month gold membership at the gym so I can keep up the momentum and even at the rate I’m going that’s another potential 9 pounds by the end of that period: excelsior!!!

I definitely feel fitter, my stamina has improved noticable with the cardio and I also now have muscles, which I’m enjoying showing off to people :D  All in all, both mentally and physically I’m a bit more ‘grrrr'!

So, a run down of my final CTGF week (well, half week anyway).

Tuesday 28th - I was absent from work, not feeling so well so didn't do anything on this day.

Wednesday 29th - I did Zumba at lunchtime, was not feeling quite up to it so that was challenging to say the least. Went to the gym after work for 30 mins of cross trainer, plus weights and yoga to cool down.

Thursday 30th - did Hatha Yoga at lunchtime (I think I've gone on enough about how much I like this class in previous posts so I won't bore you again) and left feeling nicely chilled. Dynamic Bodywork again after work, which is just great - I can really feel my core muscles smarting today.

Friday 31st - Zumba with Kevin at lunch. I really went for it and it felt fantastic, amazing energy in this class and will definitely continue going. Big loves to Kevin!

So that's it! I'm a bit sad...Thanks so much for this opportunity CTGF organisers, it's been motivating, inspiring and most of all sweaty!   Also well done to the other CTGFitters, your enthusiasm has been infectious Laughing