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Marion, Commit to Get Fit and joint mobility



This week i haven't really managed to do a lot of exercising, but in contrast I have eaten a lot to balance it out. This week started with a boxercise class that included a few familiar faces from other classes. I measured the class intensity by judging how hard these guys worked in comparison to the other classes I see them in and they worked pretty hard.

Marion who is on a commit to get fit campaign has been working her socks off and lost 2/3lb last week on a diet of hard work and sensible choices...WOW...that easy....yes...most of the time it is that easy. She is a pleasure to work with and if I am honest works hard everytime she comes in the gym...not a lot of people can actually say that......:)

On that note if you have a gold membership then use the 2 personal training sessions that you have....or come and see Mark and I at the Falmer Sports Complex and we might have a workout for you to try.

Marion has hit everything at 100% and is noticing the changes as we go along. The step up and split squat are pretty tough exercises, but for shaping the backside and outer glutes...these are your bang for butt exercises....want shapely glutes or just glutes that work then dose yourself up with a prescription of steps and split squats

The Commit to Get Fit has really shown that some things really do work and from a Sussexsport point of view we need to find out what has ticked the boxes, got people interested and bottle it...people are talking of carrying on through June and joining the facilties..which if this is true is a successful outcome. I have seen people I have only heard about, recieved emails from or spoken to on the phone...see guys we really aren't that bad, although watch out for Ria...woooo she is a toughie....I am reading the blogs on most days and people are doing loads..piece of advice on get 80% of your success from 20% of what you if you want my advice, if you have an hour then warm up, lift weights, cool down...lifting weights is the 20%...reduce moderate intensity cardio machine work, unless it is the only thing that you can manage, Marion and current personal training client do no more than 10 minutes of cardio and Marion has lost 2lb!!!!!!!!! INTERVALS INTERVALS INTERVALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday nights class saw some real quality in the application of the exercises..the core class I teach looks at stability and mobility in joints. The joint by joint approach was made up by Mike Boyle. The joints are stacked upon each other like so

Neck (Stability)

Mid Spine/Shoulder (Mobility)

Lumbar Spine (Stability)

Hips (Stability/Mobility)

Knee (Stability)

Ankle (Stability/Mobility)

the brackets give you a general idea of what each area should really posses in terms of their quality. Now if you have re-occurring injuries/issues/niggles then generally look above or below that area e.g. A student by the name of Morgan tells me that he is now able to squat without pain in the knee...the cause of the pain...the shoes he was wearing!!! He knee pain was indirectly cause by the ankle. If we lack in any of the above area quality then the joints above and below wil compensate...e.g. if you lack hip mobility (the ability to squat/sit deep with a neutral spine) then you will compensate with lumbar flexion (rounding of the low back) which isn't a strong position. Also if we lack mid spine mobility then we will again move from the lumbar region (see below)...also note the difference in hamstring length and contribution (first picture - red, second blue)














Hamstring length is also an issue in this exercise and can affect low back pain.

Some my point is makes sure that you address these joint qualities at every session you do...if it is important then do it every day. Go to to find out about mobility exercises that you can do at home.....

Next to train the core.