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Feldenkrais taster session: Gwenda's experience.



I experienced a taster session of Feldenkrais today. I had only recently heard of the technique from a colleague, and as I have a few problems with my back and neck decided to give it a try.   Feldenkrais aims to enable us to move more freely and to improve posture, balance and coordination. It can also help people with pain and neurological conditions.  It was described as being based on slow movements, repeated and explored, and with reminders to constantly be aware of how each movement felt, both before and after repeated movements.

I admit to being sceptical that such seemingly small movements would do anything but by the end of the session I did feel my posture had improved.  I also discovered ways of moving upper back muscles that I’d struggled to find before.

Tina, who ran the session, was encouraging, informative and had a soothing voice, so that at times I nearly drifted off!

If the Sports Centre are able to offer a course in the future, I would be keen to sign up.



CTGF - The light and the dark side of exercise.....



Thursday was a day which encapsulated the good and very very difficult side of execise

The good....

I went to a Feldenkrais class run by Tina, admittedly having never done yoga or pilates I was unceratin what I was in for.

My goodness, it was fantastic! I left the room after an hour,  a foot taller and like I actually had a body again (it has been sometime since I felt this). Can we have a lunchtime class for this please?

The very very difficult......

I am a person with little coordination (can't do aerobics class, can't dance etc), I'm not dyspraxic, just very very bad at following paterns of movement. I have been going to a an exercise class at my local lesiure centre called Armageddon (short burst, very high intensity exercises, you do them on your own), it wasn't pretty, it wasn't easy, I try very hard. This week the instructor was off, we had a stand in. "Please book me infor 60 minute of hell" was not what I had asked for, but was what I got. I was a broken woman on Friday, trying to get in and out of my chair was a sight to behold for my colleagues.

The postive to this is that I determined to continue as I really can't face the "recovery" every single time.......

I appear to have comitted to get fit!

Week 2 - Activity Reviews Round-Up



Activities Round-Up!

MPS comes charging into Week 2 of the Commit to Get Fit with another mixed bag of exercise and activities. Sadly a few of our teammates are on holiday at the moment, so we are getting regular updates from them via email.

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