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Mud, mud, glorious mud!



So it would be fair to say that Beautiful Days this year was the wettest festival I've ever been to. The seven hours of rain on Saturday and resulting 4 inches of mud across the whole site was, erm, trying! Good job the music was good and we managed to get our car out of the parking field early by getting up super-early in the am on Monday. No such luck our friends who had to wait hours for the tractors to pull them out....ouch!

Best acts in no particular order:


Alabama 3

Divokej Bill

Hobo Jones

The Brakes


Rock n Roll History - musicDOC11 goes live



Music documentary - History and Practice

musicDOC11 is a collaboration between film makers, broadcasters, musicians and historians based at Sussex. Some of you may have been to our trial panel at SEEdoc this year.  We've been working on setting the project up for about a year and in that time we've brought together an amazing group of people. Our planning sessions certainly have the highest rock n roll gossip ratio of any meetings I've ever been to! The festival  line up has turned out to be a dream team.  

Our MusicDOC11 website has gone live - loads of thanks to Tony Hudson and Dunstan Bruce.   Keep an eye on the site because the talented James Smith is going to be working on the interactive element.  Nice Kev Reynolds is providing film and sound footage from our events.

If any Splashers are interested in submitting a short film to our showcase, getting involved or coming along to the event, get in touch

musicDOC11 Rocked!



musicDOC11's first music documentary festival/conference this weekend was a great, if exhausting, success. We are looking forward to editing all the footage niceKev from Verymovingpictures filmed for us and as we hoped the contributors gave us insights into the making, watching and meaning of music documentary for historians, musicians and film makers alike! Our contributors, and their films, provided bridges between industry constraints, the way in which musicians and bands see themselves, and fandom and fan culture in fascinating ways.

We'll be putting together an over view of the event for our website soon but in the meantime I thought I'd just share this feedback from one of our contributors Otmoor Production's John Edginton

"Excellent day. Brilliant to meet all of you and I'm still absorbing everything.Head full of fans! Quo fan in bedroom, Sham fan in Russian kitchen,Stones fans wrestling Mick. Just heard myself singing Lady Jane in the shower! "

One of the things that John has picked up on that came out of the day really strongly for me was the way in which as a genre rockumentaries can document the specifics of a particular locale - the site of the 2012 Olympics (Paul Kelly's , "What have you done today Mervyn Day"), or the last indepdent record shop in Teeside,(Jeanie Finlay's, "Sound it Out")  for example, as well as give us a broad vision of the way in which music and images connect between countries - chinese Sham69 fans (in DandyFilm's "This Band is so Gorgeous" or the Russian annual Dave Gahan parade in Nick Abrahams' "The Posters Came with the Walls".

The day was topped off by Peter Whitehead, whose lists of firsts, stories and reflections, and sense of change over time in the genre made him a perfect choice for our 'Founding Visions' slot. No idea how we could top that - but we're going to give it a try!

Thanks go to Mitch and Claire at The Basement, niceKev, Nils, Grace, Owen, Mikey and Izzy for their hard work on the day and Ruth for showing everyone where the pub was.

nice little write up here

Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive -"DNA detectives" at the 2018 Brighton Science Festival.



My interest in science was fed by occasional documentaries and the hands-on activities at The Science Museum and Natural History museum.  Accessible information is now available on every platform, but where do the youth of Sussex get to join in with hands-on activities?

The Brighton Science Festival.


Just under three weeks to go until ‘Bright Sparks’ weekend full of hands-on activities at the Brighton Science Festival.

 And we get to join in!

 The ‘DNA Detectives’ - a group of researchers, students and faculty from the University of Sussex School of Life Sciences will be extracting DNA from strawberries and making models of viruses with 100’s of young people.

 Thank you to The Royal Society for Biology for sponsorship.

 Thank you to researchers, students and faculty for their time.

 Thank you to Brighton Science festival for giving us the opportunity to have fun undertaking this important outreach.