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Pirating films is killing the box-office movie industry... really?



I'm not advocating pirating films, of course, but I find this statement from the film industry a little odd...

Any time I go to the cinema recently there are undoubtedly a couple adverts about how the experience is better in the cinema and how pirating movies is killing the film industry.  The first part is true enough; the experience of seeing things on the 'big screen' and with 7.1 THX is great!  However, I'm also happy to watch a DVD at home where I can have popcorn for the cost of about 10p rather than paying the ridiculously marked-up £3.50 at the cinema.  But the second part...?  Is there independent proof of this from outside of the film industry?  I only question this because the BBC ran a story that said Star Trek was the most pirated movie of 2009.  However, according to Box Office Mojo the film had a budget of $150,000,000 and domestically (to America) it grossed $257,730,019 and worldwide it took $127,764,536.  The first weekend alone grossed almost half of the budget!  Where is the killing in all of this? (other than the one made in profits, of course)

Happy to hear people's thoughts on the subject!