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3rd year, lemons and the Splash website



So, as I sit here on the cusp of my final year at Sussex, lemon in hand (free bus travel, see) - NB lemon is not actually in hand, just nearby in case of emergencies, otherwise typing would be too difficult. What was I saying? Oh yes, 3rd year. I do feel a little wierd and old with all the freshers about, and although I'm only (about to be) 22, I feel like I need to start thinking about "the rest of my life." Hopefully I have a prospective job lined up, received a call from the Shell Step program with a possible job in the area that I'm looking for (surely anything beats working at sainsbury's?). I would also like to congratulate the splash team not only for coming up with a great idea for student interaction, but to actually get it on the front page of Sussex Direct, trust me after working with the PAL scheme last year I can tell you that is no easy task. Keep up the good work guys, I'm looking forward to seeing how SPLASH grows over the next year.

Right I'm off to Uni to remember what I learnt last year.