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My Welcome Week



Well, so far so good. It seems weird not living on campus to be honest and, with such a diverse range of people moving from far afield to study at Sussex, it's strange not have the worry of accomodation to cope with. A nice strange though, selfishly. After spending my first day drinking what appeared to be only useful for steralising an open-wound, I was virtually comatose after supping on only-one of East Slope Bar's ciders. Give one a shot (no, actually, do not shot this) if you are feeling studenty. Being able to get 4 for £10 (enough to last you well into the small hours judging by their rapier-like strength) is a bargain.

Bought myself a red Sussex Uni hoody today for the rather agreeable price of £19.00, I think, from the USSU shop. Bit too hot to wear it really but I'm determined to get into the spirit of things. Living in Worthing, it would be easy for me to feel out-of-touch with campus life but this isn't the case. Only 36 hours in, I feel like I've been an undergraduate for the majority of my life but without any bad times at all.

Having worked for a massive corporation for two years prior to joining Sussex, I felt I would stick out like a sore thumb and not fit-in with the student comaraderie. How wrong I was... this is probably the only time in my life that over 13 complete strangers will speak with each other about totally random things in a public place. Unless you count back-alley dating clubs, natually.

My first protest/mission is to get Falmer Bar to start making fish fingers sandwiches. Not only do these provide (as far as I'm concerned) excellent nutritional value, but they also soak up vast quantities of alcohol (a haddocky sponge, if you will). If you wish to join me... well, why wouldn't you?... raise your voice for Bird's Eye!