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On living arrangements



I live in East Slope, which is, as every Sussex student knows, the on-campus residence with a legendary reputation for being a party hotspot. It's a reputation well earned – and East Slope's current tenants are doing their best to keep up a good tradition – but it's also a misrepresentation that could easily deter peace-loving people like me who might, in actual fact, feel quite at home here. Let me explain.

When I applied for on-campus accommodation, I did so based only on the information presented on the University website. The picture I got there was, on the whole, quite accurate: Small rooms, facilities shared among several people, party hub. I wasn't thrilled at (1) and (2), except for their consequences on the rent. And, since I considered myself the antithesis of a party animal at the time, (3) was, if anything, a signal for me not to choose East Slope. However, being in a rather tight spot financially – I don't get any loans or other support for fees or rent – I decided to quell my qualms and choose cheap over comfortable.

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By incident most strange, and: Bountiful carton



In 55 East Slope, the walls don't have ears. They have faces. It must have started at a party a few weeks back. Aluminum foil must have been around aplenty, as have faces. Now, the two are one, and they are staring at us, watching our every move, guarding the pots in our absence, ensuring peace and safety and a vague sense of creepiness in our kitchen. The latter they achieve in a joint effort with a set of red balloons who, stuck to the ceiling during Freshers Week, must have made a sinister oath not to deflate. I believe they may have sold their souls to achieve pneumostasis, their immobile, blown-up countenance inanimately, but enviously glaring at us when we eat.

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