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Getting serious



I should be in the city with the other 1500 freshers crawling in pubs. Obviously I am not, I am typing in my room. Finally I seem to be healthy, no need to jeopardise it.

The threatening line in the invitation for the Departamental Welcome: "you must arrive promptly" made me put my alarm clock half an hour earlier. I hate being late, it is disrespectful anyway. I was a bit shocked looking at the traffic in the morning, so I quickly decided to go by train. I have a bus ticket, but next time I will be more clever. Just this once train.

At the station: The train was cancelled (train broke down close to Lewes). Yell Ooookay, so if the next one comes and leaves on time and gets there when it should then I'll have 10 minutes to find the place where I should be. Nothing exciting happened after that, I checked the map to be extra-super-sure where to go. Drama was over fast. I was there in time, as almost the last person to enter the room, empty seatonly in the first raw, (so what? - I heard and saw better), the problem was when the faculty members didn't come downstairs and started talking from the top of the lecture room, I didn't see, hear or understand anything. I will see them enough during the year, if not then maybe it is not that important to know everybody. It was funny when the Head of Department started quizzing us about climate already, when we haven't even had one lecture! We were sitting there like fish in a bowl. Embarassed

We went in groups to meet our tutors. I was in a group of 10. And we had to break the ice by talking to the person who sat next to us, asking basic things: name, where are you from, why Sussex (what you don't like at home), why this subject. I was the last one to go into the room, so I took the last chair available. I managed to sit next to a French girl, Alice, who is very nice. Our tutor talked us through the booklet and emphasized the importance of avoiding plagiarism at all costs, otherwise you are kicked out of Sussex and land in the sea (he sounded so serious and he obviously meant it that is how I visualised what he said). Laughing

We finished around 12 so I walked a bit around with Alice and I thought I was going to the right direction for my ID but I remembered a different place where I should be, so tomorrow new attempt to get my card, last day, no more chances. I had to work a bit in the afternoon to prepare things for the Fresher's Fair. I plan to attend some Enterprise events in the future, couldn't go to You're Hired! today. It is a coincidence that I am a fresher and organise a stall as well. Also at Brighton Uni. Can't wait, I already know what societies I want to join, but I am interested in everything the university can offer! Smile