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It's getting more and more tempting to lock that door...



... And not let anyone in.


It's not that I don't like them. Everyone in my House has been lovely. It's just in my past life I was very closed. But, I promised myself I would try to be 'normal'. You know, stay up past my normal bedtime of 9, brave the outside when it's dark and (the hardest on the list) Talk to people.

I'm glad I did part three. The people are lovely. Makes me regret not trying it when I was younger, but I suppose you live and learn.

So, why would I want to lock my self in my room? It's a scary place out there. Looking out my window (through a small gap in my closed curtains, obviously) I see people laughing and joking. 'Haha' they are saying, 'I am having fun'.

The problem comes when their idea of fun is not mine. I don't drink or smoke and the last time I 'danced' - which is what I assume is done when clubbing - I almost broke my nose. I remain apprehensive when confronted with these things. I'll grow to get used to them, I'm sure, in the same way that all us freshers have to get used to our new lives.

When I first arrived I made a move to get involved in my house. I left my bedroom door open. You know, as an invite to those who I will be living with for the next year. I waved to those who past in what I hoped was not a 'HELLOI'MRYANIWANTFRIENDS' way.

It seemed to work and I have now been told the names of those who are in so far. (remembering them will be a different matter)

Maybe I should open my window and wave to those who walk past that, as well, or is that a bit creepy?

Remember, anyone who actually reads this, if you seem someone waving and you seem a bit scared of him, Trust me, he's just as scared as you. Go and say Hi.

I didn't expect it, but typing this has been rather cathartic... Might have to keep this up.


Soo Close!



I can't believe it's only 2 days until I move into my accomodation and freshers week begins... This last week seems like its taking forever to go, I want it to hurry up already!

It took me a whole extra year than I wanted it to to get here so I'm hoping it's going to be as amazing as I think it's going to be, not just the parties and social stuff but learning more about a subject i'm passionate about! I always get the same look of O_o when I tell people that I'm going to study Chemistry at university, I can't wait to be around other Chemistry geeks like me!

Anyways, I hope I haven't bored anyone with my very first blog post! (and I mean ever!)

See all you lovely people there!


The Hall-less Fresher- Saturday



Hello anyone reading this, first of all may I thank you for giving this your time and I hope you enjoy reading this, or at least don't get too bored.

So today on my way from Falmer train station I saw hundreds of parents hauling what seemed like a lifetime's worth of possessions from the backs of cars and vans. For this brief moment I could say I was glad not to be doing this. I was walking with James, who I have know for about 5 years, both having worked in the same place, gone to college together, and now by missing him and I missing 6 and 2 marks on our exam papers respectively, end up going to the same university doing exactly the same course.

Being my insurance choice and less than 17 miles between my house and the campus, I was fated not to been in halls. I am 122nd on the waiting list. At least I am not James, who is 189th. They say that 10% of people drop out in the first year. Fingers crossed.

We decided that we would see the progress that Rosie, another friend (there really are a lot of us from the same college) was making in her moving in. She's in Stanmer Court, well, now I know what I'm missing out on.

This morning was not the warmest so we decided to grab some lunch in the Arts Cafe. They had goat's cheese and sun dried tomato sandwiches so I was pretty happy. I became addicted to goat's cheese about 2 months since I had in a bagel a few months ago, it's just a shame it's so expensive. Having warmed sufficiently and wanting to continue exploring the campus, I decided that I would finish my sandwich as I walked around. Walking round, I made what will be for many one that is only made once: having food out in the open by Bramber House. Ask any second or third year and they will know exactly what you are talking about, THE Seagull. A sudden thump to the head and sharp bite on my hand told me I was it's next victim, with my remains sandwich quickly disappearing, I decided to cut my losses and head down to the East Slope Bar.

By this point, I had eaten the apple I had in my bag, the only food I could grab at home without the need to actually spend the time preparing anything, and now with no sandwich to finish was feeling pretty hungry. This will be the point I will remember as truly becoming a student, whether to buy alcohol or food with the remained of the money I had after spending £46 on a week's worth of train fare. I decided to compromise, sitting down with a bottle of Bulmer's and 2 packets of crisps, and with the sun coming out, things were looking up.

I'm not a particularly organised person with the fact that I was staying at home gave me an excuse, beyond buying a kitchen starter pack from IKEA (ironic, I know), not to do much in the way of buying or preparing for this year. Only when the Endleigh people approached me, did I realise how far this unpreparedness went. I have no room to insure, no laptop, no computer, no stationary or anything remotely useful when it comes to actually studying. I believe some shopping is in order, as there is only so far a garlic crusher (yes that did come with the kit...) can help you towards your masters degree.

Skipping forward a few hours and a few more miles of traipsing we decided to be social and see what was going on with other people. This is where we somewhat became unstuck. With Rosie at a flat party, James and I quickly discovered that people on the first night do not talk to anyone but their flatmates. Everyone claims territory among the tables in their groups of 6,8 or 10 and stays that way. Feeling quite dispirited by this early attempt, we decided to regroup and try again tomorrow. We left Falmer at 6:50, feeling the most antisocial people possible. 

Traveling home was not the most enjoyable experience. A group of middle age, and somewhat middle class, drunks proceeded to wreck any chance of having a nap on the train, and when one decided to pour a bloody mary down the back of another about 10 minutes of incessant screaming ensued. Still, ever the optimist, I am looking forward to dodgeball and the space party tomorrow. :)

Hope to write some more on tomorrows developments, hopefully not as much as this, I must apologies for my utter ramblings. Hopefully you'll be reading the next exciting installment then(!)


It's all my Mum and Dad's fault



It's the start of a new rainy term and I can't think of a better way to kick it off than a ding dong at the Brighton Salon.  For those of you who are new to Splash! the Brighton Salon has been running for a number of years and brings together people from across Brighton, including but not solely the Universities, to engage with contensious and current debates.  Always challenging, never dull.  I thought that the next Salon might be particularly interesting for those Freshers who are just in the process of negotiating their new independent lives. (and probably their parents too!)

"Is this the Jilted Generation ?"

Bellerbys College, Brighton October 19th 7.15pm for 7.30pm

Event details

Generation Y is in revolt. Young people born since the Thatcher years can’t afford a house, they protest. Even the top graduates can’t get jobs that pay well and they think politics - voting or protesting - is pointless. Their parents, born of the post-war boom, received free education and jobs for life. ‘Britain’s young people are insecure, unstable and poor, (while) their parents are the richest generation ever to have lived and they have flatly failed to share the wealth,’ argue twenty-something journalists Ed Howker and Shiv Malik. Their book Jilted Generation describes how the Baby Boomer generation, ‘seemingly squandered a nation’s communal wealth, turned their backs on society and broke all barriers in a lifelong quest to express themselves’. Gen Y writer Neil Boorman is even more blunt in blaming the boomers, calling his manifesto It’s all their fault.

We need to know if you would like to attend as we only have a limited number of places available. Please email Dan Travis - The Brighton Salon <>






What can you expect from IT Services at the University of Sussex?



It’s not long since the phones were ringing loud and often over at Clearing HQ and the air was generally abuzz with sounds of students celebrating getting into their university of choice, and it’s not long until you future freshers will start arriving on campus. There are all sorts of unknowns for you to deal with – who your flatmates might be, how much you’re going to have to read, and those things called washing machines – but we’ve decided to lay down in black and white what you can expect of IT Services here at Sussex.

The truth is, we’re all around you. That’s not meant to be creepy, it’s meant to be supportive and as if we’re super, super helpful (we are). From 1st September you can register online and once you’ve done that, you’ll get your IT username and password. Then you are truly one of us.

You might want to download the SussexMobile app before you come – it will have information about your welcome activities and all sorts on it. In fact it’s a very useful thing to use throughout your time at Sussex – it has your timetable, your email, information about your library account and your printing account, and other good things like news updates and finding a computer that’s available for use in a cluster room. Download it from the App Store or the Play Store by searching SussexMobile.

If you’re living on campus you’ll have wi-fi in your bedroom, however we recommend that you use the wired connection (using the cable provided) as you’ll get faster internet that way. You’ll find information in your room about how to connect but it’s also online. There’s also a new free wi-fi service for visitors on campus which is provided by O2. This is great, and it means your parents or whoever is dropping you off can hop online if they need to while they’re here, but as O2 are essentially the admins of it we can’t be of too much help if it’s not working for you as all support is provided by O2. Something that is a bit of an unknown is whether any games consoles or eReaders you might bring along will work on our system because of the authentication required. Because we’re often asked this, we’ve made FAQs about both consoles and eReaders for you already.

Now, outside of the residences there are over 800 student PCs available for use across campus, as well as printers and scanners. Even if you’ve brought your own laptop with you, you still might find these useful as they have lots of software installed on them that you can use, like the whole Adobe Creative Suite, for example. There’s also more specialist software and hardware for different subjects so make sure you familiarise yourself with what’s available. Other software you can download onto your own computer, such as Office 365 through which you can download apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When you login to this online, you’ll also see that you’ve got 1 terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive, which is in addition to the 50 gigabytes of storage you get via the student PCs.

You should also get acquainted with Sussex Direct and Study Direct. They sound similar but they do different things.  Sussex Direct is a kind of control panel for your time at university. It’s where your personal details can be viewed and edited, you can add money to your printing account and you can view information about your degree such as your module results and online feedback.

Study Direct is a Virtual Learning Environment (or a VLE) and it’s really where information about your courses in the here and now is stored. Each of your courses will appear there and it’s up to the tutor of that course how much information is then uploaded to it. You’ll find information about when and where the teaching sessions are taking place, a course outline, maybe some background information to the lectures or teaching sessions week by week, and some reading suggestions. There might be downloadable information and an interactive forum. It will also be where you upload any e-Submissions (any assignments that can be dealt with entirely electronically).

If you’re a bit worried that your IT skills might be slightly lagging behind, don’t worry – we offer plenty of free training courses at differing levels so you’re sure to learn some new skills. Whilst our friends in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) predominantly support teaching staff in learning new tricks to aid their sessions, it’s really worth staying in touch with them as students too as they have really good tips for helpful technology that can help with your studies and also make any presentations you have to do really pop.

Now lastly, we’re always here if you need help. You can reach our support team online or come into see us in Shawcross (this will make more sense when you get here and you see how all our buildings have nice names) – the support desk is manned from 9am until 7pm weekdays during term time, and until 5.30pm during the holidays. Follow us on Facebook, like us on Twitter and stay in touch with our blog. We’re looking forward to having you here on our big happy IT network.

PS: Download our IT at Sussex booklet too, but you’ll get a copy at your IT induction session as well.

Welcome Weekend 2015



Arrivals weekend has been and gone - thousands of students flooded onto campus, each armed with their laptops, their phones, their tablets.  Here at IT Services we're used to meeting a large number of students over the weekend who are having problems getting online and pop in for some help.  Usually that happens in such numbers that we hold a meeting the week prior and words like "crowd control" come up.  We've had situations before that have resulted in queues around the building and so many students sitting waiting for assistance that it looks like a very effective Occupy movement.  We get extra staff in and we even... move... the... furniture.  Yep.

This weekend, no queues.  No sitting students.  No impromptu freshers parties in Shawcross.  We felt a bit lonely, to be honest.  

3013 users registered their 5935 devices onto our network, and the vast majority of you did it with no help.  Are you all getting more tech savvy, or our instructions getting better?  (I hope it's the latter, because I helped rewrite them).

To all 3013 of you, and the rest who will no doubt register over the next few days, welcome to Sussex and remember, we're here should you ever need us... Any problems, just come and see us - Tom, Rich and Paul will get lonely and go weird if you don't.

And remember, now you're here:

  1. Follow us on Twitter: @ITServices
  2. Like us on Facebook
  3. Bookmark our website
  4. Subscribe to our blog
  5. Download the SussexMobile app for iOS or for Android