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I think I'm getting the hang of this 'people' thing...



Another day with the door open. Lots of friendly nodding as people pass has evolved into short chats and even conversations with meaning in them. Somewhere.

I'm living with these people, so it was bound to come eventually. 4 days though? Quite a feat but I suppose that's Uni.

I'm sure my thousands of avid readers are all wondering why this post is so late in the day. I'm usually a morning blogger, it's true but today I was busy and tired.

The busy is easy to explain, since I came to Uni to learn (a concept I only found out about a few months ago) and today was induction to what I will be learning for the next 3 years. So that was my tuesday.

But the tired? Either I didn't sleep well, or I was up late. I know what you're thinking 'It must be the beds, causing a bad night sleep' but no! I was up well past my bed time last night talking and drinking my usual mix of apple juice and water.

It all started with Laid back and Latte which was, simply put, an amazing event and one I'm very glad my housemates dragged me too. £5 entry was well worth it and the extra fiver for The Beautiful Word's album was a snatch, as they were brilliant. (as were all the other performers, poetry's never made me listen before, but the two last night were engrosingly aweinspiring.)

'but', cry all those who were in the packed Mandela Hall, 'Laid Back and Latte finished at 10! That's not late!' and that is true. But I think i've previously mentioned how the hall outside my room is a hotspot for drinking games and in the high spirits of the evening more broke out.

And so, I put on some Girl's Aloud Kings of Leon on my Super Speakers and sat out for the games making even more friends than I had the night before. Before I knew it, it was Tuesday already and I pottered off to bed with less than 6 hours before my alarm was set.

But I don't mind. I had a great evening and I think I'm getting into this People thing...

Dangerous thinking there, but hell, i'm livin' on the edge.

My Welcome week,Sussex Uni



Hi guys! here is my video,I've been making it all day long and I know it's a last minute thing but I rly rly want you to see it,it's uploaded on but pls view it,it's important to me!!!


Will write smth in a minute,just want ot make sure it's posted!





On fairs and friends



The Fresher's Fairs on Tuesday and Wednesday were arguably the busiest, most packed events I've attended this week so far. On Tuesday, many of Sussex's student clubs and societies presented themselves in a bid to recruit some of us first-years. And boy, were there many of us - and many of them, too. There really is something for everyone, from fencing to films, from pirates to politics, there's so much to choose from that I'd be surprised to find anybody at all who couldn't find at least five things to sign up for.

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People that I Admire at IDS/UoS



At times, you start counting the good things that happen to you when you go to a new place. I was wondering what those new good things are, but then I realized that more than places, I have had the pleasure of running into some great people. They make my life at IDS/UoS more enjoyable. Let me introduce them to you:

1. Baseer Omaid: He is an Afghan, who I got to know here more. He studies at IDS, too. He is a very down-to-earth and nice person. You can talk to him about anything in life. He is very sociable and keeps his temper down at all times. The best thing about him is his stability with no mood swings unlike some of the other people that I meet on a regular basis. I find him a dependable friend. 

2. Georgina Laverse: Georgina is an out-of-this-world person. She studies at IDS, too. She has all the good qualities that Omaid does, but since she comes from a completely different culture than I do, I really admire her. Her bohemian and carefree attitude towards meaningless things in life makes you realize that life is not that bad. 

3. Omeid Khan: Omeid is someone I met a couple of weeks back, but I feel like I know him for a very long time. He studies LLB at UoS. The greatest thing about him is his true Afghan principles, which he has carried with him to Canada , the country where he lives now, and not given them up inspite of living there for more than a decade I was lucky to have met him

I admire these three friends of mine a great deal. They are very rare. I believe God shuts down the fatory that makes their kind. I am sure you must have great friends like them, too. I wrote this post to admire them because I do not know of a better way. You may wish to do something better to admire your friends, too. Remember, they are rare!

Just in case you were curious who these three individuals are, please click the link below. I am sorry, but I could not upload it here.

Confessions of a wannabe QC part 1



Ok, so it's day 2 here at Sussex... I'm not just lazy, I'm a postgrad and I live at home (back with the parents) so, there's less for me to do here- no moving in and buying posters and attending parties every night. I'm trying not to sound bitter... really. It feels a bit strange starting up somewhere new and then contrasting it with living back home, I'm not sure if I feel ancient or juvenile... this is going to take some figuring out. So, I'm sitting in the library, trying to concentrate on the seemingly impossible search and retrieve pre-seminar activity, honestly, it's like when a dog watches you throw a ball and then just sits there trying to work out what to do (in this scenario, I am the dog) and I'm struck by how quiet it is in here, not just study quite but kinda empty quiet, but I think that's just because I don't know anybody yet. At my last uni I lived in the library and it became like a refuge for the study-weary. We were like a little community held together by coffee and humour and, I miss that. I'm hoping to meet and get to know a few more people and have that again... working alone's a bit weird, I'm not the silent section type, I like a bit of commotion. I don't know who actually reads this, hopefully somebody will and I hope that if they do it doesn't come off too much like a desperate personal ad for friends!