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Fruity Friday



Today is ‘Fruity Friday’ the premise is fairly simple and as you would imagine it to be: everyone brings in some fruit and we share it between ourselves. This week we are fairly thin on the ground due to people being off sick, on holiday and not available, but Alex and myself made an effort and next week we are hoping for a better turnout. I bought in half a pack of frozen forest fruit berries, these were initially purchased to accompany chocolate and make these But I don’t like to see good things go to waste so bought them in, I like to have them  with yoghurt as they can sometimes be a bit soggy (wow, they sound appealing) due to the fact that they have been defrosted. But they do make a satisfying mid-afternoon snack, a great way to fill that biscuit shaped hole in your rumbling belly.

fruity friday with text

Carla has promised to bring in some chaunsa mangos in the next few weeks, so the competition to see how exotic we can go has begun.

We’re starting our weekend healthily, but will see how it progresses it is a bank holiday after all….