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Well, as i just said, why write a blog unless you have something useful, to someone, somewhere, to say.


With that in mind, i'll be right back.

sussex sweetie



hi everyone i am back again an now i am gonna tell you that on diwali that is on oct 17th we have a diwali celebrations gonna happen in mandella hall at 6pm which costs around 3pounds per head(pretty economic).I hope to see almost everyone in sussex there in mandella hall to have fun. Basically i am gonna play violin(hope i play gd) ya classical carnatic music abt diff moods(rag) or shades in south Indian music. Of course i am not sort of advertising it but still i wish everyone to encourage me (b coz i am pretty new here) and altogether lets have fun with games sort of some performances and yummi indian food vege though but spicy:)(yummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i can t wait !)..

hope we meet there


have a pleasant weekend sussexiansCoolSmile

Inchworms, spidermans and crawling like a bear -13 participants take on the Sussexsport 28 day later challenge



13 participants have started the Sussexsport 28 days later training programme. The programme is dedicated to changing your shape and weight loss through a combination of training and an eating plan designed to be fat burning. The programme started on Monday 6th and runs until the 1st July.

Monday 6th June, time is 5.30am, I am up to prepare for the programme, with the programme starting at 7.30am time is needed to equip the room ready for participants.....7am no one, was a little concerned, 7.15am getting worried I had the right day....then by 7.30am everyone was here. We started off with some easy mobility exercises and then on to the funny band walks that wakes up the a big mug of black coffee..after this we moved on to the most fundamental human movement.. the squat...this is done 6 times in 20 minutes paired up with a rowing action. Then the fun really starts as with move outside in the sunshine to complete push ups and reverse lunges (hello backside).....before finishing with some running intervals....pretty tough and by the look of everyone...more than enough.

The cool down looks like a being the most favoured part of the programme as the group collapse on to the wall for stretches and recovery.

 Tuesday 7th, after checking the physical status of everyone, we start with multiple sets of everyone’s favourite..the push up, this is combined with an exercise to work the hamstrings. Now if you think this is tough wait for the frog jumps and the Spiderman exercise to hit you like a steam train...the legs are burning and the arms are numb...but the group survives. There are some tired legs and some tight muscles but the intensity is there for all to see. Don't tell the group but we missed out on 4 minutes of work because of time.

 Wednesday 8th is a lighter day for some, but for those that can't do a Thursday or Friday...this is another tough day of squat and when it is just a few people and an gets a bit tougher and more intense...but credit must be given...there is no let up in effort.

 Thursday 9th brings us back to the lower body and the squat exercises...the group are making progress on the technical aspect with the squats looking much better....athletes in the making...the work rate is still there even though they haven't seen a bowl of pasta or a grain of rice for several days, the energy is still there. The group is growing with an addition during the week and more people enquiring.

 Friday 10th comes and you can see the look on people’s faces as they realize that this is the last session of the week and also the last day of the working week….double bonus…..the Friday session is a push up day and you can feel the relief when they know that there are no more pushups for the week until Tuesday..the lateral squats sneak their way into the session, as well as the bear crawl/inchworms and Spiderman’s…yes these are exercises…I promise…What a great starting week and bundles of effort, sweat and a few laughs…in between exercises!...never duringJ





Hello! I am from Colorado USA and I would love to have a travel buddy to book a few trips with! I want to go to Barcelona, Venice, and then book the UK tour group trips to Amsterdam/Bruges and Paris/Versailles. If anyone would like to join me, let me know! I can't wait!

Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive - Time-line for the planning of the public engagement activity “DNA detectives” at the Brighton Science Festival.



Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive - Time-line for the planning of the public engagement activity “DNA detectives” at the Brighton Science Festival

T minus 12 months. Informal discussions were held about the main content of the activity – decoding the genetic information stored in DNA to generate proteins - and the costs and time commitments required.  The costs were estimated by the organizing team and one member applied for a science outreach grant from the Biochemical Society to fund the activities.

T minus 6 months. The funding was approved! Formalities were dealt with by the organizing team and the Science festival organizers were informed.

T minus 4 months.  Items required for the activities were ordered and stacked ready in the lab.

T minus 4 weeks. It’s all heating up now.

We decided to add a new activity – preparing DNA from strawberries. PhD students trialed this and showed that it was both practical and safe to do in the hectic environment of the Bright Sparks event.

A last minute addition of balloons was suggested to represent the amino acids – tests on researchers showed that yes, it increases fun element – especially the multi-colour spotted ones!

Information for the posters was reviewed, simplified, simplified then simplified again before being sent for printing.

The Brighton Science festival program was published and it looks like Brighton has a very exciting month ahead for to learn about and experience Science.

T minus 3 weeks. The organizing team collected names of Biochemistry and Biomedicine researchers from the University of Sussex who are available to run the activity on the day. A session to run-through the activates was booked and a final to-do list generated:  rota of researchers for the day; University of Sussex T-shirts for presenters; instruction lists for the day; packing session; last-minute purchasing.

 So … please come and join the activity - book the date - Saturday 14th February at Hove Park School “Bright Sparks” event as part of the Brighton Science Festival.


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Taking Science To The Public: The Addiction Continues



“Discussing science with the public - what would I say or do?” – is a wary but quite understandable reaction from many academics. These personal encounters are critical to spreading the messages that science is important, science is fun and that science research is still needed. The key challenge that academics face is to overcome our natural hesitancy and have a go. We now have a team of 15 or so researchers (known as the DNA detectives) eager to talk about DNA to the public – what it is, how information is stored and how to get it out of living organisms to have a look at. The lessons that I learnt from our experiences are that public engagement is possible and it can also be fun and informative for all concerned.

But what are the secrets of a successful experience? I recommend the following:

• Go as a team. For hands-on activities it is more effective to work as a team.

• Harness enthusiasm. You need to start it going, but hopefully the team will sustain this.

• Obtain funding. Relatively small amounts will help if you want a display or hands-on activity. We started with some money associated with a research grant from the Medical Research Council, followed by funding from the University of Sussex. For 2015 we applied for and were awarded a grant from the Biochemical Society.

• Organization. Offer your services to an existing Science Event - they know their audience and have event management experience. Try our local STEM network – you can become a stem ambassador and access advice, pre-designed activities and insurance. Plan your content several months in advance with your team. Expensive research equipment will be of little use to you - don’t even rely on having wi-fi available on the day. I suggest identifying between one and three key concepts that you want to get across and then get inventive, Blue Peter style. Test your ideas and get feedback from nearby non-scientists. Finally, hold a final planning meeting at least a week in advance and have detailed lists of responsibilities and a time schedule finalized.

• Be flexible. After all this detailed planning you will need to be prepared to be flexible on the day, things will go off-schedule and you will have to adapt as you go. If possible have one team member available as a runner to deal with the unexpected glitches. After the event discuss the feedback with your team, plan any changes for the next time you run it and book in for the following year – once you have experienced public engagement activities you will want more!

DNA detectives will be presenting at the BigBang South East Festival on 30th June 2015.


Professor Alison Sinclair's profile page

Sinclair Lab website