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Diary of a caffeine addict - Day 2



After an *interesting* drive home which included only minimal swearing.  I was able to sate my jitters with some decaffeinated filter coffee.  Alcohol may have also helped. 

This morning in full awareness that I NEEDED to get to work before 8:30 to get my first fix before the office opened, the traffic was a nightmare.  There would have been more cursing if I didn’t have my colleague Sue in the car.

8:30 – First cup of tea.  Oh English Breakfast, how I’ve missed you.  Served in usual bucket.

10:00 – Second bucket.  Trying not to change my tea drinking behaviour too much in the mornings in the fear that I may end up chain-drinking.  Ponders why no-one has invented the bottomless mug.  Get to it scientists!

11:45 – Final bucket of tea for the day. 

12:40 – Damn.  I timed it wrong.  I still have 20 minutes of possible brew drinking, but only if I am willing to deal with severe burns to the mouth.

13:00 – Switch to decaf filter type coffee.  I may well survive this day. 

14:00 – I’m worried about my pot plant.  I water it with the dregs of my tea everyday.  My pot plant is going to be going through detox with me and may not survive.  I should drink normal tea this afternoon as a selfless act to save my poor unwitting plant.  Amii believes my pot plant could probably do with a detox as well. 

14:39 – Starting to flag and there is only one decaf filter type coffee pot left in the kitchen.  Amii is also committed to the no caffeine after 13:00 jag and is also flagging.  This could end up with a fight to the death.

15:00 – Decide to save decaf coffee thing for tomorrow and take a new adventure into the world of fruit tea.  Today is Cranberry and Raspberry.

15:01 – Cranberry and Raspberry tea looks like Ribena.

15:20 – Not too bad, although as you need to leave the bag in to get any flavour, I worry I may accidentally inhale the teabag.

15:46 – No niggling headache today, although I seem to have hit a wall of exhaustion.

16:30 – Hometime now.  I think afternoon productivity may be suffering.