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In which the Jewish Society trumpets its achievements around campus



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People in the Falmer House common-room yesterday afternoon might have been wondering why they could hear various unusual sounds being blown through a twisted ram's horn.

This was, of course, the Jewish Society hosting a local rabbi to blow the shofar for us on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah – Jewish new year. Rabbi Zalman provided each of us with a glass of ceremonial single malt whiskey and a slice of honeycake, then proceeded to alarm the surprising number of non-Jewish students in the building by sounding out a chorus of 'tekiah', 'teruah' and 'shevarim' notes.

After the formalities were over, he went about his business of calling out, "חג שמח Chag sameach!" (a festive greeting) to everyone who walked past, in the hope that someone's face would light up with recognition, betraying them as a Jew that needed to be immediately supplied with whiskey and the ringing tones of a shofar blast.

The event was the most tremendously surreal fun and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Nor will I miss the rabbi-organised student  celebrations festival of Sukkot in October – the entire AMEX stadium has already been booked!!



In the library, in between sliding books into a glowing blue light-field and having them magically recognised and loaned out to me, I stumbled across what has to be my favourite ever title for any printed work...