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Belated MPS CTGF Blog, Week 2: Don't worry, we're still committing to get fit...ting





We're still in the game people!

It's been a bit busy getting ready for the exams period so my blogging was on hiatus. This blog entry is for last week (week 2 of challenge), and I'll do another one at the end of the week - I bet you can't wait Wink

Team goals-wise, we have kept up the healthy snacks in the office, but there have been a few slips - Sarah's birthday for instance, where we had cake AND G&Ts at the bar for lunch! Overall we're doing really well though and not dipping into the biscuits half as much as we were doing before CTGF started. Faculty: stop bringing us treats from abroad!

Cookie Monster


Right, first up, Me (Gem)

I've noticed that my attitude to exercise is slowly changing for the better. You see, I've been damaged in the sports area. Years of terrible coordination and not being an outdoorsy person (read couch potato with indoor hobbies) have taken their toll on my confidence. I'd always get picked last for the team at school, totally miss or drop the ball when someone finally threw it to me, which happened maybe twice in my school career (shortly followed by rolling eyes and cries of "Oh Gemma! See, that's why we never pass you the ball!") and had a chronic inability to understand the rules of the games. And that's when I did attend P.E.! I made claim to more frequent 'ladies problems' than was plausible...

So I'm feeling more confident going to the gym and having a go at classes, even though I'm fairly rubbish at everything so far! I'm loving building up my muscles and feeling a bit more...powerful :)  The only thing that's a bit discouraging is that I don't seem to be losing any weight yet, which is one of my main goals for CTGF. I have managed to walk home just about every day since the beginning of the month, but can't seem to get my act together to walk to work in the morning, which would add up to another 3 hours of walking a week. Oh well, I'll plod on and see what happens!

Mon 6th: Left my month pass at work so didn't get to the gym at the weekend but did 20 mins of weighted hooping on Saturday and on Sunday, plus some yoga, sit ups and a long walk on Saturday.

Tues 7th: did Dynamic Yoga at lunchtime, Power Hoop at 5pm and did an hour and 15mins in the gym after that with 15mins on a cross trainer, weights and then yoga to warm down. Feeling sore today! The power hoop is 4lb which is heavier than my weighted hoop at home and it also has added wavy bits on the inner part which have caused a bit of bruising. I'm told this is normal. Power hoop with 4 other teammates at 1.30pm Weds so I expect more soreness! Will go to the gym and do 30 mins on the cross trainer this eve but will leave off the weights til tomorrow to give my muscles a chance to recover.

Weds 8th: Power Hoop was cancelled so Sarah, Chrystelle and I had a go at Boxercise, which we really enjoyed. I had stuff to do in town so couldn't go to the gym after work but walked around town for 15 mins and home, totalling about an hour's walk.

Thurs 9th: We (Sarah, Gemma, Oonagh, Sinead, Sally, Dorothy and Chrystelle) did MPS Team Zumba at lunchtime loved it, though I was even more uncoordinated than before and really had to concentrate to follow the moves. Sweated buckets though so hopefully burned some fat. Kevin was very patient and gave a bit more guidance than he does in his normal class, which was great for us. Gym after work this eve for an hour or so, weights and cross trainer followed by yoga and the walk home. I bought an inflatable gym ball and have a weighted hoop so I will be having a go on those later this eve. 

Friday 10th: Almost wish I hadn't gone to the gym last night as I got home and had to clear all the furniture and everything out of my room for a carpet to be laid this morning. Was moving furniture and book til 11.30pm. Ouch. Went to the gym today and did the cross trainer for 35 mins, which is a real endurance record for me!

Went out dancing Friday eve/Sat morning and spent three or more hours on the dance floor. I was quite intoxicated I'm afraid, so it wasn't really healthy dancing... 

Dancing Cat

Saturday 11th: Was a right-off, needless to say!   Sunday 11th: Walked 40 minutes with a lot of heavy shopping.



Week 2 went well. I managed to cycle to work every day despite being buffeted by wind! Also kept up my lunchtime walks. Visited my local gym 4 times, 3 spinning classes, 1 bodypump class and swam twice. At the weekend we enjoyed a good 4 hour walk over the Downs.


Tue 7.05.13  Boundary walk in one hour.  Bluebells coming out in the topmost woods on the walk.  Will be at their best next week.  09.05.13: second walk of the week, blustery day.  10.05.13: Third boundary walk.  Target exceeded again!  Bluebells looking fantastic.


Attended the Eat Better, Feel Better talk - (07/05). Then Boxercise on Weds 8th which I loved! Zumba Thursday lunchtime, hard but satisfying. Did Trampolining with Dorothy on Thursday after work - scary but fun. Felt like a gazelle flying through the air but probably looked like an Oompa Loompa!


Joined in the Team Zumba event. Whilst the experience was quite zingy, for me it served to remind me how uncoordinated I am but it did prove that 70% of my body is, or at least was before the session, water. Trampolining later the same day proved to be much more more cup of tea. Something I hadn't tried since my teenage years but fondly remembered. Us vertically-challenged folk had to have a chair to get up on the trampoline but, once up there, the feeling of freedom and lightness was exhilarating.

Happy Alien Cyclops


Went to Eat Well Feel Better talk on Tuesday.  Put my name down for Power Hoop on Wednesday but sadly it was cancelled and I didn't want to do boxercise.  Did Zumba again on Thursday which was good.  Now looking forward to my holiday next week in Plymouth, I will be walking about 8 miles a day.


Even though I'm not really doing the group classes here, the enthusiasm of everyone in the office has given me a real boost in motivation and shifted my thinking from dreading going to my gym to really really looking forward to it. I've increased my gym sessions from twice a week to four times a week and whilst there, have been trying new machines and increasing my weights.


Loving the Zumba! May be turning into a Zumba addict... I'm  planning to renew my gym membership here. I also went running twice this week. It's been really inspiring seeing colleagues get on board with the CTGF challenge and it really helps to have somebody leading the team effort. So impressed with Sally, doing two Zumba classes!

Gem: To clarify, Sally is really fit and does long walks all the time, but found Zumba a challenge (like the rest of us!). Both times we got back to the office and she exclaimed breathlessly: 'I was the oldest person there!' Sterling work from the MPS matriarch, I'm sure you'll agree :D

Debbie: On holiday now.  Went for a walk in the Avon Heath Country Park for two hours.  We are camping in the New Forest.  Also went over to the Purbeck Peninsula and walked for an hour on the beach.  Came back late on Tuesday evening.  Spent the rest of the week doing gardening and having several walks - usually a minimum of an hour - at Sheffield park, along the seafront  and over the Telscombe Tye.



16/05/13 After valiantly completing her minutes, we have an update from Chrystelle on her activities last week to add to the post for week 2.



Good week exercise wise.  One full hour on Monday 6th, mixture of cross-training (30 mins), cycling (20 mins) and rowing (10 mins).  This works well for me and I burnt a total of 394 calories.  Tuesday, usual 2 classes: abs and backs (45 minutes) getting a little better at it and can now do "half" a plank!  Being surrounded by spring chickens (20/30ish) makes it all more challenging for me!  Followed by Zumba class (another 45 minutes).  Love the Tuesday regime.  Also did 2 classes at the Sport Centre: Boxercise on Wednesday (8th).  Not too keen on it but happy I had a go.  Zumba class on Thursday.  Really liked at as it was different from my Tuesday's class.  Week-end (10/12th): Friends visited from Germany so lots of walking: Brisk walking on Friday evening, from Saltdean to Rottingdean.  Takes 30 minutes each way.  Saturday, went to Plumpton College open day, so lots of walking there and then walk around Lewes.  Good exercise.  Sunday, despite the heavy rain, had a good walk around Newhaven harbour.  This is new to my fitness regime.  Instead of sitting at the pool waiting for my son to finish his training, I go for a long walk around Newhaven.  I really felt good afterwards.  I've lost quite a bit of weight in the last six months and this has encouraged me to exercise more and also to cut down on portion sizes.  I feel much better for it.

Thanks Chrystelle!