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Not Spanish



I missed Sunday Funday, but I managed to buy a calendar from WHSmith. The connection between SF and calendar is the university. Poor selection, but at least this one was winking at me with its nice colourful stripes. I love everything with stripes.
(I just honestly don't understand what is so difficult: easy criteria, small calendar, not teeny tiny where there is no space to write, and not incredibly heavy, because I will have books, exercise books, lunch, other stuff as well..)

I visited friends yesterday in Lewes. We played so much Guiter Hero(I also wasn't very thirsty at that point..) that I forgot to check the trains back. It was 11:20pm. Last train in 6 minutes. Obviously missing it. Taxi company ignoring the call, putting me on hold. No taxi. I had to sleep over. Frown

Sleepovers are supposed to be fun, this wasn't because next day, Monday, first day when you actually meet your mates.
No new clothes, no make up, no toothbrush with me, nothing. Obviously I wasn't prepared not to go home. Nothing to make a good impression. Not to mention, no ID with me to pick up my Student ID, no program sheet where to go and what to do. No time to go home in the morning. I still have a cold. I was trying to hide that I was miserable by being very cheerful. It worked.

I was taken by car to Uni. Tick. Found this time green-pully-nice-can-i-help girl. I was just following other people like a maniac, because somebody mentioned the word Geography. Place with fellow students there. Tick. Cool

I ate a lot for breakfast and I forgot that it was supposed to be a Geography Brunch. So when I saw the food on the table I wanted to get out, I just couldn't even look at it. Then I sat down to a table where there was a huge plate of cakes. And some people to talk to. I was ignoring the cake and when a lady asked us whether she could put it on another table I was very relieved.

I didn't talk to too many people. I already can see there will be an unofficial race between BA and BSc students. Who is better? Both can't be good. I am looking forward to the official welcome from the faculty members. I will try to make a better impression then. Kiss

I had to be somewhere in the afternoon, when I saw a nice snake(queue) at Sussex House, I knew that
even if I'd had my passport with me I wouldn't have had time to wait there. Tomorrow will be my lucky day I feel it. Smile

The joke of the day was this conversation during the Brunch:

- Hello. Where are you from?
- I am from Hungary.
- Oh. What language do they speak there? Spanish?
- ?!?! No. In Hungary people speak Hungarian.

(She was very surprised.)