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Today I felled a giant.



I'm sure you're astute enough to derive that the title is not literal. And you'd be right. Despite hilarious mental images of a giant smashing his way around campus (that is until I pick up a rock and throw it at his head - how biblical), that is not what happened to me today.

As every single one of who applied for student finance knows, the system is rubbish. The application process takes four hours when it could easily take as many minutes. My Dad and I spent an entire evening raging at the computer screen, depriving us of time we could have spent bonding as father and son, maybe playing catch in the park.

Ok, we've never done that. Neither do we want to. But the point remains: student finance sucks.

After completing the traumatic application, I thought, 'Great. I won't have to stress about that anymore.'


It came back to me today. A giant. A giant in the form of my maintenance loan having, 'Failed'.

I sat for a few moments staring at my computer screen, unable to believe how such a thing could have happened. Failed? What? Everyone else got theirs without any problems. Why me? I started to panic. I needed that money. I couldn't get by without it.

Here's a little something you might be interested to know about me: I don't really value money all that much. Obviously, like everyone else, I like to make savings when I can and I know when something's too expensive. But it won't break my heart if I don't make a million pounds in my life. There are more important things.

Despite this, I’ll still feel the loss of a grand. We all would – don’t deny it. And also, this loan was money that I needed. To live. To eat and... Drink... and stuff. I was seriously thinking that I’d have to live off only a few hundred pounds until after Christmas. Scary stuff. In this frame of mind, I called my Dad. He calmed me down and told me to go to reception for a free phone call... hopefully.

I trounced through the campus, the rain heavily falling, almost washing me down the East Slope. But I was in a relatively positive frame of mind, despite the situation I found myself in. What could possibly go wrong from here? The only way was, proverbially, up. Drenched and head held high, I entered the main University reception, where I found the nicest receptionist in the world. She told me to use her phone, free of charge, to call student finance. I got through, and discovered the problem was merely to do with incorrect bank details.

After a relatively simple call in which my bank details were corrected, I was informed that my maintenance loan would come through on Monday. Two words are relevant here: Happy Days.

After such a stressful ordeal, I got back to my flat on East Slope, grateful that the situation could have been resolved so easily. I jumped in so many puddles on the way back. I was that happy. I had my money – even if it was delayed by a week.

So now, I type this up, content that yet another challenge in my life has been overcome. Whoop Dee Doo. I just hope that you won’t have to go through the same thing. Regardless: giant felled. Bring on the next one.


Green team Giant Paperclip Challenge



Ok, so the green team may have had a very very slow (or non-existent ) start for this challenge, however we have now exchanged our paperclip!! Laughing

We are now in the position to trade 4 signed JLS posters and 1  signed Olly Murs poster to anyone with something bigger and better... message me if you have any offers!!