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End of Week Two - Team Education Strikes Out



Well, Brigitte and I decided to get ourselves in the 'right frame of mind' by going for what she described as a 'jogette'  but which for me was a jog.  We set off into Stanmer Park one lunchtime last week in glorious summer sun.  It made us ask ourselves just why we just didn't get out more often during the day?  And so that has been my aim since - a jog (or a walk) every day, in the day to get out of the office.  And - it has meant that I haven't had that 'sinking' dismally sleepy feeling at about half past three quite so intensely.

But - there's more.  I've taken the opportunity with Aoife  to do our very best to sabotage a Zumba class this week.  Fortunately, although we hadn't a clue what we were doing we seemed to generate a good sweat - presumably through laughing so much.  I'd love to do it again but I have no confidence whatsoever that I'd get the hang of it...but another shared laugh would be good.

And - more.  Yesterday, I got myself up to the 'Top Sports Centre' for a dose of torture at 8am doing some sort of glorified form of Circuit training (Metabolics) which was exhausting and sounds very 'macho' but was great fun and which I'd defintiely love to repeat.  This is despite aching all over today and being about 30 years older than the other participants (who were lovely to me and who encouraged me along the way and showed me what to do). 


I'm definitely up for trying something new next week and I look forward to some further mid-day forays (walks, jogs, 'jogettes') into Stanmer Park too.


Rebecca Webb (Brigitte's ESW Team)