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Team MPS CTGF Week 3: Smashed it :) - addendum



eden project

Hullo, hoping your Monday is as scintillating as mine so far? ;)

A couple of updates for week 3 from Justine and Sally, who has been on holiday (and sent us a lovely postcard from the Eden Project).

Justine: Its been a great week for me. Wasn't able to cycle to work as much as I normally do because of the weather but I did manage to get down to the my local gym 6 days this week! Did 3 spinnings, 2 bodypumps, 1 bodyconditioning class and I swam 3 times (60 lengths). I also managed to keep up the lunchtime walks over the Downs. Feeling very good for it. 

Sally: Had a glorious week walking around the Plymouth area.  The walks were between 7.5 and 10.5 miles a day.  We used the local ferry and also had to go across one area on a small rowing boat.

Debbie: This week we have been in Portugal.  I have swam between 20 and 40 lengths every day as well as taking walks of between 4 and 8 miles long.  The village of Alvor is very pretty and a lovely fishing village with miles and miles of golden sands.  My back is really troubling me but hopefully that will get sorted out this year.