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Thinking Outside the Box on the Path to Recruitment



The thought of getting a job after graduating is a scary one! With reports of high levels of unemployment in the news all the time, finishing my degree and heading out into the world of work is not something I’m particularly looking forward to, with getting a permanent, full time job for the first time being something completely new to me. Fortunately though, I was recently given a few key pointers from a close friend who graduated last year and took the approach of thinking outside the box when on the path to recruitment, which has borne great reward.

With the positive results from this approach, I thought it only fair that I relay the tips he gave to me to my fellow students so you too can hopefully enjoy the same results when you come to search for a job after graduating;

Utilise Social Media Wisely

Social media is not just a tool for keeping in touch with friends and a close eye on the latest celebrity shenanigans, as it can be used to help network with those in businesses you have a keen interest in and would love an opportunity to work for.

LinkedIn is regarded as the best site to network on for career professionals as you can connect with all manner of different people in a range of positions who work for a wide variety of companies. You can then begin to talk to those people in high places to question whether there are any opportunities currently available or if they know of anywhere or anyone who may be looking for graduates as you can then connect with them.

Twitter can also be used in this way and is a creative method of getting in touch with professionals inside businesses. You can follow and tweet them and if they follow you back, even send a direct message where you can detail your current position in greater detail. You can also keep up with trending topics within the field that you want to work in and therefore be in a strong position to notice any companies who are releasing job offers via this social media platform; something which is becoming increasingly more common.

Attend Conferences

Whilst you might initially think an industry conference is only for those already in work, you’d be wrong as it is a great opportunity to meet people from hundreds of different companies and make a positive impression.

By talking and getting to know as many people as possible at the event, you can make some solid contacts that you can make the most of should you apply for a position within the company they work for at a later date; potentially giving you a head start over other applicants.

Use a Graduate Recruitment Agency

One highly effective tip my friend gave to me was to use the services of a graduate recruitment agency who can point you in the direction of specific graduate and entry-level positions. The graduate recruitment specialist he recommended was GradWeb2013-11-08 who helped him considerably along the way and were responsible for sourcing the graduate job he now finds himself in.

The benefit of utilising the services of a graduate recruiter is that you are away from the mainstream job searchers by targeting a smaller, more specific area of the market. You are also pretty much all on a level playing field as everyone will be recent graduates with degrees that are relevant to the job in question, so have as much chance as everyone else to get an interview and then make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Consider an Internship

Whilst he didn’t actually do this himself, my friend said that he knew of people who had been on the same University course as him and had had great success after completing an internship. Working at a company for a fixed period of time, you can experience what it is like within a working environment, so even if you don’t get a job at the end of it, the placement itself can be highly beneficial for your future development.

An internship or work placement can be the perfect way to get a foot in the door of the company you would like to work for and if you take a positive approach and make an impact through your time with them, there is every chance that you could receive a job offer at the end of your time there.

The advice my friend offered certainly opened my eyes to new methods of getting into the world of work following my graduation at the end of this year, and I hope you to will find the tips outlined above useful in your quest to start earning a wage after your degree!