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Ouch my pectineus!



Well CtGF hasn't been going so well since Monday's circuit training class. Sadly during a set of squat jumps I pulled my pectineus muscle. For the non latin speaking non anatomy and physiology experts among you that's one of the groin muscles :(

Luckily it's quite a mild strain as I am now walking with only the mildest of limps now but it's really scuppered my training regime. I'm hoping I might be able to do some light jogging at the weekend. I need to train as it's only 2 weeks until tough mudder but I don't want to push myself and cause a more serious injury so I'm going to have to be very careful with anything I do.

If anyone out there has a miracle cure them please let me know.

I just wanted to say thanks to Neil and the other instructors in the circuit training class who firstly ensured I stopped and then showed me some good stretches for the affected area.