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It's been a while since I last blogged. That's mainly because there has quite literally been nothing to write about. Training was on hold for a good couple of weeks because of the leg issues spoken about before. That's probably the thing that's tested my resolve the most. I've been talking up these events so much and then all of a sudden, my ability to run was taken away from me. I had agonising leg pains, but I saw my physio, Cathy. She's the woman who helped me recover from the soldier surgery, and diagnosed the over pronation.

The answer was orthopaedic inserts for my shoes, and after getting them, I was like a new man. And so it is to todays event - the Brighton Half Marathon. The weather was atrocious, the rain was driving down and the wind was awful. To make matters worse, we (me and Elliot) lined up a little late and had to start at the back. I know it sounds arrogant, but I couldn't help but think that was going to affect my run.

And it did. The first three miles were spent trying to weave in and out of fat people. I can't say it was enjoyable. I spent the whole time thinking what an injustice it was that I - me(!), of all people had to waste my time and leg power ducking and weaving. It took three miles - that's about 22 minutes - to get into an area where I could run at a consistent speed and consistently take over people. And the only thing I could think was that I had lost loads of time - and more importantly places in the 'race'. All this after I have said how I only challenge myself. However, how wrong I was. I had no more right to be in that race than anyone else, and each and every person finished with a huge smile on their face. The achievement flowing around the place was immense - especially those who were 'first timers'. Congratulations to each and every one of them.

So anyway, the race - running past all of those people showed me that people really do run for different reasons. This one guy in particular, at mile 10, was talking to himself. And I mean properly encouraging himself. He was saying 'come on' and 'push yourself'. I felt really inclined to egg him on as well - and he was really appreciative. Then I looked down - it appears a lot of men suffer from chafage. Especially in the rain! His shirt was bright red with blood. But he hadn't even noticed - because he had so much pain going on elsewhere. This blood thing wasn't exclusive to him, either.

To cut a long story short, I finished in 1hour, 28 minutes and 15 selconds. Which wasn't too shabby, all things considered. Especially as the whole run felt fantastic, I was pain free and didn't struggle in the least. I'd go as far as saying I could easily have run faster - perhaps even have got 1hour 25. But the time wasn't the main thing. It was the start of the challenge.


I'd like to thank the Melton Times (my home town paper) for writing a great article about me this week. It was really flattering that they gave me the coverage they did. Esp as it was written with real compassion regarding my charities.


And the writer, Chris, was a top bloke. I even got a picture published -


Finally, I have a plan for a summer event. More on it later, but I want to work with the sports department and organise a 24 hour treadmill marathon. Basically, the challenge will be for people to do half hour slots on the treadmill for a full 24 hours. The twist - I'll do every other half hour. Essentially I'll be running for 12 hours. And plan to average 10kmph for the whole time.


That's it for now. Guaranteed extra blog this week, as the training intensifies.

Many thanks for reading